GREMLINS REUNION PANEL – New Jersey Horror Con Spring 2019

Zach Galligan and Francis Lee McCain from Gremlins spoke about their experiences in the movie on a panel at the New Jersey Horror Con Spring 2019 show. They gave behind the scenes insights and answered fan questions.

Zach Galligan played Billy Peltzer in the 1984 classic movie. While people love him for his Gremlins role, he was also in Star Trek Voyager, The Chair and Tales from the Crypt, to name just a few. He will appear in the upcoming feature Preacher Six.

Frances Lee McCain played Billy’s mom, Lynn Peltzer, who had to deal with some pretty horrific Gremlins. She’s played other notable mothers, like that of Lorraine Baines in Back to the Future. More recent appearances have been on Preacher, The Girlfriend Experience and Better Call Saul.

These two actors talk about a classic film that still gets fans to this day. Gremlins is a horror film that could be considered family friendly.

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