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Hi everyone! I’m Erin, a new writer with Fandom Spotlite. I go by Queen E when I cosplay. I’ve been a cosplayer for 6 years now, though I just made my pages at the end of last year. I’m here to hopefully help anyone who has thought about cosplaying, but doesn’t know where to start. It seems overwhelming at first, but it’s easier to get started than may you think! Check out these great cosplay resources to help get you started.


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Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration to creators for years. Whether it’s cooking, travel, interior decorating, or any other hobby, there’s something for everyone! Because of this, it’s a great place for beginners in cosplay. There are so many tutorials for every aspect. If you’re just starting out and are budget conscious, there are step-by-step instructions for DIY outfits and props. Pinterest also has tutorials and links for products previous people have used. A simple search of “cosplay diy” or “easy cosplay ideas” is a great place to start. Having a character in mind helps to narrow your search even more- often leading you to inspiration boards featuring clothing and accessories that can be put together for great casual cosplays, or for characters who wear fairly mainstream clothing. 


Etsy was another site that helped me when I became interested in cosplay. There are so many shops available that make full costumes as well as pieces and accessories. The site has improved a lot since I began. One major change is that they recently incorporated Klarna as a method of payment so large purchases can be broken down into 4 payments. This helps cosplayers like me who mostly buy outfits because we get what we need, support independent makers instead of mass-producing sites, and all without breaking the bank! If you’re looking to start making outfits there are numerous vendors selling patterns for a variety of characters. Be careful who you buy from, and be sure to check where the shop is located. There are some vendors located overseas so delivery will take longer. Be sure to factor in when you’d need the item before buying.


Sources | @morganitecosplay / @tinechan / @dorkdujor

Instagram is the main platform that got me started in cosplay. I started following a few really popular people and from there I discovered the cosplay community on Instagram. So many established cosplayers offer tutorials for looks they’ve done, as well as providing links to where they got the items/supplies they’ve used. Since there are so many cosplayers on IG, you can find a lot that match the style you want to do. There are cosmakers who show step by step how they make their cosplays, there are budget cosplayers who help you put things together cheap, and there are closet cosplayers who show you how to use items you already own. 

There are so many ways to get started with cosplay, and it’s easy. It may seem intimidating but at the end of the day, cosplayers are just big kids playing dress-up. Anyone can do it. Hopefully, these resources help start your journey! 

If you’re looking to start cosplaying, do you have your first cosplay in mind? And if you’re already cosplaying, how did you get started, and what resources helped you? Let us know in the comments and on our socials. Whatever you do, have fun, and follow your fandom!

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