Fandom News Roundup 9/6-9/18 2020

Hey there, fandom fans! Welcome back to another edition of Fandom News Roundup, your source for all the fandom news you may have missed during the week.  There was plenty of fandom news from 9/6-9/18 so let’s get into it.

Freddy Krueger x Nike

Freddy Krueger
Photo via Sneaker News

If you always wanted sneakers that would spark fashion inspiration and fear, then these Nike Air Max 95 x Freddy Kruegers may be just what you need. SneakerNews reports that Nike will be dropping a limited edition Freddy Krueger Nike Air Max sneaker soon. The shoe is fashioned after the horror icon’s famous sweater. No word on when it will be released but we are guessing in time for Halloween.

Doom Patrol Gets Renewed

Photo via Doom Patrol on Facebook

During DC Fandome’s second event, it was announced that Doom Patrol will be getting a third season. Season three of the series will be available to watch on HBO Max. Season two ended with a series cliffhanger, so we are sure fans are relieved that they will be able to see how the story pans out.

The Defenders Are Returning

Photo via Luke Cage on Facebook

Looks like the Netflix’s Marvel shows will be getting reboots on Disney+ and/or Hulu once their tenure is up. According to The Mother of All Nerds, Marvel is looking to reboot each member of the Defenders and the Punisher’s series. Luke Cage and Iron Fist may be the first to return. How do you feel about the Defenders returning, and do you think their tone will shift to be more family-friendly? 

Look, Morty, I’m Pringles!

Rick & Morty
Photo via Adult Swim

Pringles is collaborating with Rick and Morty again for special edition Pringles cans and flavors! Pringles previously collaborated with the Adult Swim show in February for their Big Game Commerical. Comicbook’s website has shared details on their newest collab with the potato crisps. Pickle Rick is returning, which is a pickle-flavored chip. Morty will be the Honey Mustard Morty, a tangy flavor just like the character himself. Mr. Meeseeks is the Look at Me! I’m Cheddar & Sour Cream flavored chips. Be on the lookout for these at major supermarkets and wherever food is sold.

Captain America Has Our Attention

Captain America
Photo via Screenrant

The Avengers star Chris Evans made a bit of a mistake by revealing more than “America’s Ass” on Twitter. Chris Evans accidentally shared a screenshot of his gallery, featuring his “flag pole.” He had intended to share a funny video of him playing Heads Up, but forgot that when an iPhone screen records, it records everything! Being the amazing gentleman that he is, he used the opportunity to do good by reminding people to go out and VOTE! You can get more details from EW on this story.

Another Jedi Gets a TV Series

Photo via PopSugar

Since The Mandalorian was a global sensation for Disney+, it’s not surprising that they would want to double down on more Star Wars series. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s standalone series is scheduled to begin filming in the spring of 2021, and CBR reports that there are rumors of Mace Windu being next to have a show. The rumor is that the series will focus on a young Mace Windu and the studio is looking for a fresh face to play the character. Could it be a great opportunity or will it end the same as it did for John Boyega?

She-Hulk Finds a Director & a Star

Photo via Cinemablend

An article posted on Variety says that Kat Coiro (Marry Me, And While We Were Here) is in talks to direct the Disney+ She-Hulk Series, meaning we are one step closer to seeing Bruce Banner’s cousin come to life. Coiro will direct the pilot and other episodes of the series, joining showrunner Jessica Gao who is famous for her work on Rick and Morty. It was also announced that Tatiana Maslany will be playing the titular character!

That completes this week’s Fandom News Roundup! Which story has you most excited about? Tell us in the comments and on our social media! Don’t forget to come back every Friday for more Fandom News!

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