Fandom News Roundup 3/20 – 3/27/21

Greetings Fandom Fans! This week has been a difficult one with headlines featuring news of hate, senseless violence, and death. So for this week, we’re sharing stories that will hopefully bring you some cheer and excitement. So sit down in your favorite chair and let’s get to the news.

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DC Got Busy This Week

Gossip: DC Comics, Abandoning Comic Shops and Comic Cons?
Perhaps riding on the high that is the Snyder Cut, DC/WB got to work on hiring and casting big roles for their upcoming film and tv projects.

Dame Helen Mirren in Shazam 2

Dame Helen Mirren will be playing the villain in the upcoming Shazam sequel.  She will play the evil demi-god Hespera, one of Atlas’s daughters.

Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Fate 

Former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan will take on the magical role of Doctor Fate in the Black Adam film. No word if he will just be lending his voice to the role, or if he will don the helmet of Nabu.

Wallis Day as Kate Kane 

Wallis Day is no stranger to the world of DC as she previously starred in Syfy’s Krypton. Now she will take over the role of Kate Kane for the CW’s Batwoman. The role previously was played by Ruby Rose, who stepped down after just one season.

Zatanna Film Finds a Writer and Director 

Zatanna deserves her own DC movie - Screen Streams
Warner Bros has greenlit a feature film about Zatanna Zatara! Oscar-nominated director Emerald Fennell will write and direct the film. The magician is connected to many DC heroes and villains, so the possibilities for her film are endless.

Rick and Morty Cross with Animals in Adorable Promo 

Adult Swim released a video of Rick And Morty, but the pair had a new makeover. Rick and Morty find themselves in the world of Animal Crossing. Aka the savior of 2020. The claymation video was created by Daisy Studios. Is this video a hint that a new season of the show is on its way?

Naruto Running into A Presidential Win? 

Anime fans all know how to do Naruto Run! It usually impresses other anime fans and scares the normies. Chilean Lawmaker Pamela Jiles’s Naruto Run may take her straight to a Presidential win! According to polls, Jiles is a top contender for a Presidential candidate nomination. Pamela Jiles went viral for doing a celebratory Naruto Run when emergency COVID-19 measures were passed.

She certainly would get our vote!

Disney was Also Busy This Week | The official home for all things Disney
The House of Mouse continues its rivalry with Warner Bros. as they too made several announcements this week. Maybe they’re bitter that the Snyder Cut did better than The Falcon and The Winter Soldier last weekend. 

Black Widow to head to Disney+ Premiere Access 

After multiple delays, Black Widow’s solo film with be released on July 9, 2021. This will be the first MCU film to debut on Disney Plus. However, this film will not be free- you’ll have to pay for the Premiere Access.

Disney to Introduce Hawkeye’s Echo

It would seem that Disney has a lot of faith in Hawkeye’s solo series, as they are already in early development for a spin-off series based on Echo. Echo is a deaf Native American who can mimic anyone’s fighting style. Hence the name. Etan and Emily Cohen are set to write and executive produce the Disney+ series.

National Treasure but With a Latin Twist 

Disney also announced a Disney+ series based on the National Treasure franchise. The National Treasure films were about a historian/treasure hunter and an archivist solving mysteries and find…national treasures. The Disney Plus series will feature a Latina lead who will go on adventures with her friends and find treasures. Wait…That sounds familiar…

A Reboot That Never Made it Off the Ground 

The Crow is my favorite film of all time! It’s actually my first memory of a film. The tragic passing of Brandon Lee during a stunt gone wrong adds to the specialness of this project. It was his last work and it was done perfectly. Many, myself included, feel that trying to reboot perfection is not necessary.
Still, it hasn’t stopped studios from trying to remake the film, but to no avail. Bloody Disgusting shared concept art for two of the failed attempts. One of Tom Hiddleston, who accepted the role and later dropped out. The other shows Luke Evans as the Crow. Evans also accepted the role and later dropped out as well. Many feel the film is cursed or that Lee’s spirit may be at play. Maybe studios should try doing another Crow story instead of Eric Draven’s and see what happens.

25 Years of Resident Evil 

The classic horror game Resident Evil recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Feeling festive, RE released the title of the upcoming movie: Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. The animated film will be released on Netflix on September 3, 2021.  Besides sharing the title and date of their new film, Resident Evil teamed up with Numskull to release special 25th-anniversary merch. 

The merchandise includes sunglasses, a wireless charging station, mugs, a collector enamel pin, a lamp, and more.

That completes this week of the roundup! Which story put a smile on your face? Share with us in the comments and online! Don’t forget to stay safe and have a fun weekend. We’ll see you next week.

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