Fandom News Roundup 11/7 – 11/13/2020

Happy Friday the 13th, Fandom Fans! As we find ourselves in a time of transition, so too are the happenings in the world of fandom. We got some interesting stories for this week’s roundup; let’s jump right into it.

There is a New Ranger in Town

The teaser trailer for The CW’s Walker was released this week. The show stars Jared Padalecki  (Supernatural, Gilmore Girls) as the titular Walker. It will be interesting to see how Padalecki’s Walker compares to Chuck Norris’ Walker Texas Ranger. The series is slated to air on The CW on January 21, 2021.

Rumor: The Avengers get Younger

Photo via CBR

According to, it looks like Marvel/Disney are preparing to assemble the Young Avengers. While this may only be a rumor, there is plenty of “evidence” to support this theory. We already know that Ms. Marvel is getting her own series. Kate Bishop is going to the Hawkeye Disney+ series. There have been rumors about Miles Morales being in the next Spider-Man movie. Loki’s own series for Disney+ has been stated to start production, so who’s to say Kid Loki won’t make an appearance? Would you be interested in a Young Avengers series or film?

The Full House Has Filled A Realtor’s Pockets

Photo via Netflix

The iconic Tanner family house just sold for big bucks. The four-bedroom, 3,728-square-foot home on San Francisco’s picturesque “Postcard Row” sold last month for $5,350,000. “Full House” creator and executive producer Jeff Franklin had owned it since 2016 and put it on the market last summer.

Look Morty, I’m Pickle Rick…the Drink?

PICKLE RICK MIRACLE SELTZER 12 PACKIf you have felt like you could use more Pickle Rick in your life; then I’m glad to tell you that your prayers have been answered. Miracle Seltzer and Adult Swim have partnered up to create “the most un-expected seltzer flavor your mouth never knew it needed; PICKLE RICK MIRACLE SELTZER. Every limited-edition can contains a delicious pairing of all-natural pickle juice with the sensationally tight bubbles of MIRACLE SELTZER.” You can currently purchase the Pickle Rick Seltzer on their website. A case contains 12 12-ounce cans for $24.00. There is also other merchandise available including hats and tote bags.

Jordan Peele Wants You To Mark Your Calendars

Photo via The Source

The movie studio Universal has revealed the date for revolutionary horror director Jordan Peele’s next film. His next feature film will be released on July 22, 2022. Not much is known about the follow-up film to Us and Get Out. Knowing Peele’s blend of horror and social issues, we can assume the next film will tackle a different social issue. Are you excited for his next project?

Grindelwald to Take Another Form

Photo via EW

After news broke that Johnny Depp was being forced to leave his role as Gellert Grindelwald due to the results of his abuse case, the internet was divided. Filming for the third film in the Fantastic Beast franchise had already begun and Depp had already filmed one scene. Many wondered who would be replacing Depp, but now we might have an idea. Reports say that Mads Mikkelsen (Star Wars: Rogue One, Dr. Strange) is in talks for the role. What do you think of Mads Mikkelsen as a replacement?

The Grinch Goes Glee

Photo via Screenrant

The Grinch is back and he’s ready to steal Broadway…well sorta. Glee star Matthew Morrison will be playing the Grinch for a live tv musical of the classic Dr. Seuss tale. NBC’s Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musical will air on NBC December 9, 2020, at 8pm EST. The musical is said to be 2 hours long. Will you and your family be watching?

Metapod Uses Comfort. It’s Very Effective.

Photo via YouTube

The Pokemon Metapod is known for only really being able to use the move harden. Now that’s all about to change. Bandai has released a Metapod Suit. Yes, you read that correctly. The suit allows you to evolve into Metapod and cocoon yourself in comfort. The item costs 35,000 yen (approximately US $333) and will ship in April. Will this make your Christmas list?

The Scorpion King Strikes Again

The Scorpion King(Left-Right) Kelly Hu and The Rock©ÊUniversal Studio

Dwayne Johnson is a bigger star now than he was in 2002 when The Scorpion King was released. Well, he’s hoping his global stardom will help make his Scorpion King reboot successful. Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions and Universal are working on a new Scorpion King film. Johnathan Herman (Straight Outta Compton) is said to be writing the script for the reboot film. Will this be a hit for Johson or will it flop like his Hercules film?

That’s all the news for this week’s roundup. Which story did you find most interesting? Leave us a comment or let us know on our social media!

Have a safe weekend and I’ll see you next Friday!

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