Fandom Funding: V:IPhase 2-In-One!

Fandom Funding is where we feature a geeky/nerdy crowdfunding project that highlights an existing fandom or looks to create a new one.

Today’s Fandom Funding is  V:IPhase 2-in-One: Never Too Late & Point of Authority #1.

Following the successful release of their V:IPhase One book, Vantage:Inhouse bursts back onto the scene with their sequel series, V:IPhase 2-in-One! These stories are sequels to The Trouble w/Love and Origins Unknown, respectively. These titles are the foundations of a massive, shared multiverse of bold characters.

Victor Dandridge, the Hardest Working Man in Comics, wearing dual hats as writer and publisher said “…Launching V:IPhase 2 — the next wave of multiversal comic titles [the phrasing inspired by the categories of movies from Marvel Studios], we had the unenviable task of picking which book to lead with.  And quite honestly, we COULDN’T pick just one!”  For you, our dear readers, that means even more content, with less time to wait!

“…We looked at the roster of potentials and thought, what’s a unifying theme to hang our hat?  And the answer was smack-dab, in our face, the entire time: FAMILY.  I adore writing stories built around family dynamics and superheroes, so pairing Never Too Late and Point of Authority: Family Ties was an easy choice…”

Never Too Late (w/ Harold Edge and JUANCHO), jump right back into the emotionally grueling story of Apex Prime and his broken family, first introduced in The Trouble w/Love.  Starting off mere HOURS after the big reveal, Prime sets off to prove that it’s “never too late” for a hero to save the ones he loves.

Point of Authority: Family Ties (w/ Adam Fields and Kevin Anthony De Castro) awakens a sleeping giant from the Origins Unknown series!  When 8yr old Benjamin went into the attic, he ONLY intended to discover the commotion that kept him up at night.  Instead, the power and family secrets he UNLEASHED could tip the world towards Armageddon!

The Kickstarter has been fully funded, but it’s not too late to jump in and be a part of a one-of-a-kind universe from the ground up!

The Lectron tier gets you pdf copies of both of the pieces, for just $6.

For just $10 you can get into the V:IP Access Brand Ambassador tier! This will get you the pdfs of both and Newsstand cover editions.

The remaining tiers feature more variants, one-shots, and even potentially back issues so you can see the full story.

They even have amazing support for retailers!

Check out the Kickstarter today, it closes in a month and is slated to deliver a month after that!

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