Fandom Funding: HBCU Con 2022

Fandom Funding is where we feature a geeky/nerdy crowdfunding project that highlights an existing fandom or looks to create a new one.

Today’s Black History Month Fandom Funding is for HBCU Con 2022!

HBCU Con is a community celebrating and bridging the gap between Historically-Black Colleges/Universities and Black geeks-at-large. With many of the founders hailing from HBCU’s across the nation, they have set out to bring the Black geek community the #BlackGeekHomecoming experience through their Kickstarter campaign. 

HBCU Con was originated by Philanthropist, Cosplayer, and Entrepreneur Chauna “CC the Geek” Lawson. CC is the President/CEO of HBCU Con and a Graduate of Bowie State University, as well as a dear friend and confidant. Her vision is to create an exciting and unique experience that ushers in the emotions of the HBCU student.

As a Black geek who missed out on the HBCU Experience, The programming and events already organized by the HBCU Con team, I can honestly say, have provided us with the  “Suite 200” dorm community vibe CC and her friends set out to create and I can only imagine how much fun it will be at the 2022 in-person event.


Image of Chauna Lawson cosplaying as Chun-Li
Photo by MJ8Productions

“We are committed to showcasing the brilliance of HBCUs and their students, as well as providing a

platform for Black geeks of all walks of life to come together and connect. We want to show the world that HBCUs are more than just institutions of higher learning, but also places where some of the best Black geeks are being cultivated. “

– Chauna “CC” Lawson


Due to the Pandemic, their planned inaugural live event was canceled less than 8 weeks prior to launch in April of 2020. Since then, the HBCU Con team have hosted a variety of virtual live events, workshops, and meet-ups from DC to Atlanta for the HBCU/Geek community.

In April of 2021, in collaboration with Bowie State University’s Fine & Performing Arts Department (DFPA) and Visual Communications & Digital Media Arts (VCDMA) Program, they hosted a cutting edge interactive HBCU Con Virtual 2021 that allowed for attendees to “walk” about the con, enter panels and artist alleys, and socialize with other attendees. The team plans on bringing the Virtual Space back during the 2022 Con weekend.

Virtual Attendees can expect:

  • 2nd Annual Fashion show
  • Special Guest Performances
  • Exciting and Unique Panels; including our staples…A Different World: HBCU Geeks… She Saves the Day…Super Slay: Costuming & Make-up

HBCU Con’s first in-person convention will take place at Bowie State University’s Fine and Performing Arts Building.

Image of Chauna Lawson cosplaying as Chun-Li


The 2022 in-person event is already confirmed to consist of:

  • Panels & Workshops
  • D9 Greek Geek Step Show
  • Game Lounge & Tournament Sponsored by MagFest
  • Artist Alley & Vendor Booths
  • BandXBand: Musical Performance
  • Super Slay: Multiverse of Fashion Show
  • Virtual Con Supported by Subsume


This Kickstarter will primarily support the upcoming in-person convention and will give an opportunity for the HBCU Con team to expand their events and programming outside of the annual event.

The Kickstarter will allow for HBCU Con to:

  • Secure additional Speakers and Guests
  • Enhance the prizes for our games tournament and add brackets
  • Add a cosplay contest and prizes to the event
  • Add a Battle of the Bands and prize to the BandXBand event
  • Provide the first HBCU CON Scholarships
  • Bolster community awareness
  • Expand to additional Campuses and Spaces
Drum Major Nia, HBCU Con mascot
Sample property of HBCU Con


They have a vast and incredible amount of perks for those who donate to the Kickstarter from exclusive merch, full access passes, prints of their mascot Drum Major Nia, and more.  HBCU Con has currently raised over $8,000 of their $15,000 goal. We at Fandom Spotlite are hoping you’ll consider being a hero and donating to this worthy cause!



Support Black spaces like HBCU Con today and every day & Happy Black History Month! 

For more information about HBCU Con & their programming, you can follow them on Facebook & instagram!

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