Eyewear in Film/TV – Iconic Looks and How to Copy Them

Though often merely a small part of a blockbuster movie, eyewear is often a crucial element.  MovieWeb’s insights on glasses-wearing characters note how eyewear is a simple tool for characterization in movies. Prescription glasses on a character often indicate that they’re meant to be the nerd in the film or someone with high intellect. Think about Clark Kent in Superman, where the removal of the glasses (and adding a bit of spandex) turned him into a superhero. Sunglasses add an aura of mystery or coolness to a character or give them a fun and stylish look that plays into who they are – the obvious example here being Tom Cruise in his Aviators as Maverick.

There have been many notable eyewear moments in film, and the fashion world has always been taking note. If you want to replicate a character’s vibe, it’s easier than ever to do so. Here are some iconic eyewear looks in movies and how to copy them:

Men in Black

Sunglasses have become crucial for many superagent films, even for one as comedic as Men in Black. A pair of classic black shades add an air of mystery or coolness to a character, perfect for Agent J and K of the titular Men in Black (MIB) organization. The sunglasses they wear—specialized Ray-Ban Predators—also protect them from the effects of the neuralyzer flash, a tool that erases people’s memory as they deal with aliens.

To copy the look, a pair of sleek black rectangular frames and a smart all-black outfit can fit the bill. Fortunately, Ray-Ban sunglasses are somewhat iconic in the fashion world, and you can still get the same Predator model as seen in the film. If you really want that super-spy feel, their smart glasses—Stories—are equipped with a camera and audio features, a great showcase of the kind of technology that seemed only possible in sci-fi or spy films. Who knows? You may end up joining the MIB with these.

Legally Blonde

Eyewear can say a lot about a movie character; from nerds to spies, they can add personality and style to flesh out who they are. One film that uses the power of eyewear in shaping character is 2001 film Legally Blonde, which follows Elle Wood’s journey into Harvard law school. Elle Woods has often been regarded as the picture of ultra-feminine style, rocking shades of pink and donning cute skirts and high heels, even in an environment as serious as Harvard.

Though she has many iconic looks, her pink leather driving suit and black-framed sunglasses with pink tinted lenses form one outfit to remember. To steal her look, a pair of oval sunglasses with pink lenses can help you channel your inner Elle Woods. Giant Vintage’s Poodle Pink Oval Sunglasses are almost identical to those in the film, but anything with pink would be Elle Woods-approved.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s has become iconic in both the movie and fashion industry. Audrey Hepburn as the film’s lead, Holly Golightly, became one of her most notable roles, much of which had to do with her timeless, classic style. Her oversized cat-eye shades have remained a famous piece of eyewear since the film’s release in 1961.

Oliver Goldsmith designed these beautiful tortoiseshell frames for the film. Since then, multiple duplicates have hit the market, perfect for anyone wanting to replicate the look.  LensDirect’s line of Holly sunglasses—named after the film’s character—is directly inspired by her shades. They come in three colorways: dark tortoise, black, and hot pink, so you can choose how you want to add your own flair to this famous look.

The Doctor’s Sonic Sunglasses

In Doctor Who, the twelfth Doctor decided to do without a sonic screwdriver and used sonic sunglasses instead. While these were stylish, they also allowed the Doctor to use his signature tool with a little more discretion. However, they didn’t last long and since it was unlikely they would be able to merchandize them, the Thirteenth Doctor didn’t use them at all.

However, whether you choose to use a sonic screwdriver or not, these sunglasses look great with any Twelfth Doctor cosplay. And there is a very inexpensive version that looks screen accurate, but allows you to buy a full dozen at a very cheap price. Great for party favors on Gallifrey! Check them out here: https://amzn.to/3QGeIgx

What eyewear do you like best? Is it one of these or something we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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