Dress For Success in TokyoPop’s Mame Coordinate

I love discovering new manga and there is a variety of series for all types of readers. When seeking out manga I decided to check out Volume One of Mame Coordinate by Sachi Miyabe. Here are my thoughts on the first installment of this new Shojo slice-of-life series from TokyoPop!


She loves meat and fried foods, and eats only karaage bento. Wearing exclusively clothes with weird characters printed on them, her fashion sense is practically non-existent. No confidence in her own looks. Extreme social anxiety. She speaks with a country drawl, and even her name is unusual.

But then Mame (born in Tottori prefecture) was discovered by an intimidating, bespectacled rookie manager, and now begins the arduous task of getting her ready for auditions! The road to Top Model looks awfully steep from here.


Mame Coordinate is a series about Mame, a young woman from the countryside pursuing a modeling career in the city. She struggles with auditions, doesn’t think she is trendy enough, and struggles to grasp the industry as a whole. Just when she is about to give up and her agency may let her go, things start to turn around for her. When Mame is assigned a new chic manager, Kisaragi, it may give her the boost in her career that she needs. Kisaragi sees great potential in Mame, and knows that her talent and look will rock the fashion world.

Mame seems like a young woman who constantly has her head in the clouds, but the more we get to know her we understand why. Growing up in her small town people wouldn’t think much of her and called her ditzy which lead to her lacking in self-confidence. Mame seems so unsure of herself and Kisaragi is trying to not only jumpstart Mame’s career but also help her find her sense of style and courage. This bond that starts between the two of them was endearing to read and so far looks like it’s the beginning of a friendship between the two.

Aside from the self-discovery narratives and heart of the story, the fashion focus is so cool! The illustrations are dazzling and I love the variety of fashions shown on the pages. There were so many styles that I wanted to incorporate into my wardrobe. Because the Mame, is a foodie we also get many glamour shots of food as well. Mame loves to try all sorts of new foods and it was refreshing to see a unique twist on a fashion manga. I don’t think I’ve read any that focus both on fashion and food!

If you are in need of a fluffy and entertaining Shojo slice-of-life story, look no further than this series. It gives off vibes of other notable fashion manga such as Beauty Pop and Princess Jellyfish. It’s a cozy manga that provides comfort to its readers. Its lighthearted nature is this story’s charm. It’s full of so much heart as readers join Mame on her earnest quest on her new modeling journey.

Final Verdict:

Mame Coordinate comes off to a strong start in its first volume! It’s a fun beginning to a brand new shojo series that showcases gorgeous fashion while also being a story of self-discovery. I highly recommend this series and can’t wait to see where the story goes next! A rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

*I received this book from TokyoPop in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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