The Action Master Transformer leader Optimus Prime was released at the end of Generation One… and was probably the end of G1. The Microman Edison with Trailer actually reused this mold years later, with new colors and deco. Which one is better? Captain Kyle checks them out so YOU can decide.

The Action Master line of Transformers featured Autobots and Decepticons that… couldn’t transform. Though they did have accessories or vehicles that did. In an attempt to compete with the popular action figure market, these action masters entered the fray… and exited just as quickly. The Optimus Prime Action Master was a large set that allowed other Action Masters to catch a ride. But they ended up in the gutter, making way for Generation Two.

The Microman line, with new toys coming out in the late nineties and early two-thousands, was Takara’s attempt to relaunch this line for a new generation. In putting these out, they decided to reuse the original Optimus Prime trailer and cab from Action Masters and give them to Microman Edison.

Which of these is better? You decide.

To find Action Master Optimus Prime on eBay, use this link:
To find Microman Edison with Trailer on eBay, use this link:

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