DOCTOR WHO Sonic Projector and Pen Review PLUS A Bonus!

From the 11th Doctor line of Sonic Screwdriver based… stuff… comes this Sonic Screwdriver Projector and Sonic Screwdriver Pen! Captain Kyle will review each of these Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver related items, plus review a bonus item at the end!

From Character Options comes the 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Projector! With 15 images from the Doctor Who TV series on 3 small discs, you can spend entire minutes amazing your friends with this strange device! For collectors of Doctor Who props and toys, this is a great find!

If you’d like to get one of your own, visit

From Underground Toys is the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Pen, which is a metal executive pen that is perfect for writing things! Paper not included. Unless you write on the instruction sheet. Having both black and green ink, this pen is a heavy duty pen that writes well and will be the envy of sentient beings everywhere!

If you’d like a pen like that, visit

And finally, the bonus item. And if you’ve read the description this far down you should be rewarded. The bonus item is the Master’s Ring, which was used to bring him back in the End of Time. There are a bunch of versions of this very cool ring, including an adjustable ring that comes with the Journal of Impossible Things. Some have the green coloration, some do not.

With the Journal:

Here’s the ring with green coloration, low price, high shipping: Find it on eBay

An expensive, pewter version with green color:

Plain metal (no color):

Clips from “Day of the Doctor” and “The End of Time” are owned by the BBC and used under fair dealing guidelines.

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