Cosplayer Allegedly Stole, Ruined Wig At MAGfest- And the Memes Are Hot

An alleged incident between cosplayers at this year’s MAGfest has gone viral in an absurd way. 

Yesterday, the cosplayer and wigmaker known online as Babuteefs posted a photo on Instagram of a wig she was commissioned to make. The wig was for the Pokemon Sword and Shield character Nessa, whose unique hairstyle adds a layer of difficulty for cosplayers who strive for accuracy. The caption stated in part, “I brought this wig down to this client today and she snatched it from my hands and left. Then complained about it falling apart bc of how she grabbed it out of my hands.” and went on to say that the client, whose identity was withheld at the time, paid Babuteefs half of the commission cost which went towards materials. The client was allegedly supposed to pay the second half upon receiving the wig, and that without it her labor hours would go unpaid. 

Not long after the initial post, Babuteefs changed her mind about keeping the client’s name quiet. She shared a story post from user @loltots aka Tots, who herself had captioned it with a vague complaint about commissioning cosplay items. Babuteefs added their own caption, “Aight I’m doin it. Putting her on blast.” This was followed by a share of a post by photographer Alexandra Brumley, (@aleestudios) who had taken photos of Tots without knowing of the controversy surrounding her. These posts were later removed by Brumley. 



As is the case with everything on the internet, a flurry of memes have appeared, wringing humor from an unfortunate situation. Here are our favorites: 

#1: An oldie but a goodie

#2: The Thanos memes live

#3: What NOT to do to your wig 

#4: The @ConCrunch Insta is on the ball, again

#5: How has Baby Yoda not gotten involved yet? 

#6: T’Challa’s got a new ‘do

#7: Is that not how it works? 

#8: Swerrrrrve 

#9: Just kidding, here’s The Child

#10: Lastly, the worst crime of all

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