Captain America Visits the National Mall – Photo Gallery


While Awesome Con 2021 was being held in Washington DC, Matt Gnojek, AKA Colorado Captain, visited the nation’s capital on his Cap Across America 2021 tour and made a special stop at the National Mall. He took photos with visitors, high-fived young fans, delighted a birthday party, and continued his mission to spread awareness and support for human rights and children’s charities.

In the spirit of Captain America, Gnojek believes his country can and should always try to do better. The way he practices this is to use his image and notoriety to direct attention to several charitable causes, including the NAACP Legal Defense Fund⁣, Tour of Honor⁣, National Coalition for the Homeless ⁣, American Civil Liberties Union⁣, The International Rescue Committee⁣, and TransLifeLine⁣.

To learn more, visit the Colorado Captain website and follow his mission on Instagram and Facebook.

Check out the full gallery below. If reposting, please link back to this article and/or tag credit to @coloradocaptain and @fandomspotlite. 

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