Brim by J. Demetrius Belvin – Book Review

OI recently got to do a one-on interview with Obsidian Giant which is a small publisher that works to publish imaginative works of literature, art, and eclectic craft that encompass all aspects of society. Being the avid reader that I am they offered me the opportunity to review one of their titles. Take a journey with me as I review one of their titles Brim by J. Demetrius Belvin.


“The trials had now ended and each of the tribes had chosen its champion. Bryse Blackvane of the Godmer, Sirra of the Shroud for the Kymiri, and Rael “The Sixth” Silver represented the Arzul. Dominion of the planet was at stake yet again, and all of Brim was buzzing as the masses rallied to the World Arena for the Sixth Centennial Tridom!”


In Brim, three triumphant warriors: Bryse, Xyael, and Rael defy tradition and seek to bring peace to their tribes in a shocking twist. On the run, they put aside their differences to complete their ultimate quest. I would elaborate more, but I don’t want to spoil the story, so I’ll keep things a bit vague. On their journey, they come across many obstacles and they use their strengths to overcome them. These battles lead to some pretty epic battle scenes that keep the action propelling along while keeping the reader entertained.

I appreciated the unique spin on a “journey tale” and some of the interesting fantasy elements that give this story such depth. Belvin’s attention to detail kept me hooked on the story and fully immersed me into the novel’s new world. I felt like I was transported into the narrative alongside the characters which heightened the sense of adventure for the story. Though it’s a short story, I think the overall narrative packs a full punch, and the ending leaves a bit of a cliffhanger wondering what will happen next.

Final Verdict:

Brim is a lush fantasy that takes readers on a whirlwind adventure. I think this novel especially appeals to fantasy readers or those that enjoy intricate adventure stories. I highly recommend it for readers seeking out a unique fantasy tale and something different from the norm. You can purchase it directly from Obsidian Giant’s website.

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