Boo Suede Shoes – Adidas Drops New Monsters Inc. Collab

“You and me together, that’s how it always should be. One without the other, don’t mean nothing to me.” I can’t help but assume Disney/Pixar was playing the long game and fully intended to “pair” up and create “ties” with one of the many sneaker companies out there with conveniently perfect lyrics like these. And 20 years later, here we are! Celebrating two decades of one of the all-time great animated films, Monsters Inc.

Disney/Pixar and Adidas have teamed up on a frighteningly fantastic new line of apparel. But today, we finally answer a question as old as time itself: What are those!?” 

There are seven different variations of Monsters Inc.-themed sneakers to choose from, that were released on September 25th, with the second part of the release planned for October 7th. Now parents, fair warning, before you start planning your matching family fall pictures, this collection only comes in children’s and youth sizes. For this review we will be covering the 3 pairs inspired by the main cast of Mike Wazowski, Sulley, and Boo: 

The Donovan Mitchell D.O.N Issue #3 (Mike) $95 youth $80 children 

This shoe perfectly encapsulates our second favorite little green friend, Mike Wazowsky. From Mike’s signature eyeball on each tongue, his green color, and his trademark phrase “You and I are a team” across the straps. This shoe takes the less is more approach. A very simplistic design that gives off an eye-catching appearance without doing too much. Really showing that just like Mike, sometimes big things do come in small packages. 

The Dame 7 EXTPLY (Sulley) $95 youth $80 children 

A shoe fit for a giant blue and purple Monster nicknamed Kitty. James P. Sullivan is more than just number 1 in our hearts and on the scare floor, but in my opinion, he has the number one shoe in this collection. Everything about this shoe screams must have (pun intended). From Sulley’s iconic fur pattern and color to his actual fur texture! Both the tongue and back of the shoe are made of humanely created faux monster fur to give that authentic Sulley look and feel (no real monsters were harmed in the making of these shoes). In a similar fashion to the Mike-inspired Issue #3, we find the BF mantra of “You and I are a team” along the outside of the shoe. But unique to this shoe, you will find a Sulley name tag in what I assume to be Boo’s handwriting. Because we all know she played favorites.  

The NMD_R1 Monsters, Inc. Shoe (Boo) $130 youth $90 children 

Speaking of Boo, what better way to round out our celebration of 20 years of Monsters Inc. than with little miss ball of excitement herself! Adidas decided to take a different approach with this shoe design. Instead of going with a rendition of the character like with Mike and Sulley’s respective shoe. Inspiration for this shoe’s design comes from Boo’s iconic bedroom door. Very stylish and immediately recognizable. Opting to go with this design makes total sense for what the door meant in the movie, and the warm and fuzzy feeling you get seeing the famous purple and pink flowers in real-time. Another different aspect is the absence of the team motto found on the other shoe designs. But a very cool easter egg can be found on the shoes’ back tab. If you look closely, you will find the same eyeball that sat on top of Boo’s head in her baby monster daycare disguise.  

 All in all, the Pixar Adidas partnership celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of its greatest films is a roaring success that we can only hope continues as we approach more Disney milestone anniversaries of our favorite childhood films.  

Now I would be remised if I didn’t comment on a potential golden opportunity to make a design based on a certain color-changing, reptilian fiend we all love to hate. The possibilities are endless, with dozens of different colorways and patterns to explore with our old pal Randall. And with the 2nd half of the release taking place October 7, 2021. Who knows what might be right around the corner? Or should I say… under the bed? BOO! 

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