Adventure Awaits in A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation

I love discovering new manga and there are a variety of series for all types of readers. When seeking out more adventurous manga I decided to check out Volume One of A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation by MomochiMisaki, and Sando! Take a journey with me and hear my thoughts on the first installment of this series from Tokyopop!

*I received this book from Tokoypop in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Synopsis: When Lizel mysteriously finds himself in a city that bears odd similarities to his own but clearly isn’t, he quickly comes to terms with the unlikely truth: this is an entirely different world. Even so, laid-back Lizel isn’t the type to panic. He immediately sets out to learn more about this strange place, and to help him do so, hires a seasoned adventurer named Gil as his tour guide and protector.

Until he’s able to find a way home, Lizel figures this is a perfect opportunity to explore a new way of life adventuring as part of a guild. After all, he’s sure he’ll go home eventually… might as well enjoy the otherworldly vacation for now!


A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation has three key features I noticed upon the first volume of this series: charming gentlemen (the lead characters), a beautiful fantasy world, and a heightened sense of exploration. Following Lizel tries to learn more about it. From their first meeting, Lizel and Gil are complete polar opposites in their mannerisms and background. Lizel is used to his prior life as a nobleman and has an overly cherry deposition that grates on Gil’s nerves. Gil is more of the silent type who is constantly observing everything around him and is very skilled at fighting.

Together the two try to navigate their newfound friendship and try to learn more about each other. Both have an explorer duo vibe that adds a lot of wit and humor to the story’s continual steady pace. I appreciated the brotherly love focus and solid friendship narratives that the reader can grasp from the first novel. Gil looks out for Lizel and helps to protect him, while Lizel helps keep Gil grounded and to open up more to others.

Among the friendship narratives, the first installment transports readers to a new fantasy world with lush surroundings and a bit of magic. It gave the story a whimsical feeling as you get to explore new places with Gil and Lizel as they complete guild quests and travel throughout the lands. I appreciate the story’s slow pace and almost a slice-of-life approach to the series.

Final Verdict:

A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation is a series that’s geared towards readers who enjoy fantasy and isekai-style stories. Even the story is told at a much more leisurely pace compared to other adventure stories, the slower pace allows for the reader to soak in the world Lizel is just beginning to explore. For a quieter but still satisfying fantasy tale, check out this series. I’ll be doing the same!

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