A New STAR WARS Series In Development?

Star Wars

While Lucasfilm still can’t seem to get its Star Wars film division rolling forward, its Disney+ shows are thriving, and there are no signs of them slowing down. It’s safe to assume that on top of what is already in development, there are a lot of other shows in various stages of development that we don’t even know about.

Well, it seems like one of these projects may have leaked. According to Production Weekly, there’s a listing for an “untitled Star Wars project,” but it does have a working title of Ghost Track 17, and Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau are listed as producers.

Inside entertainment scooper Daniel Ritchman also recently dropped some intel that Filoni and Favreau were working on a Star Wars series going by the name of Ghost Track 17, But he also added that the story would be set in the “MandoVerse.”

It’s not surprising to learn that Lucasfilm is looking to expand on The Mandalorian stories, but we have no idea what form that will take. As for the working title of Ghost Track 17, there’s a theory that Ghost Track could be a reference to the spaceship The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels, which will also be showing up in Filoni’s upcoming Star Wars: Ahsoka series. Maybe this new series will be connected to that in some way.

Bespin Bulletin also has a theory that it might be a reference to The Beatles’ Abbey Road album. The album has a ghost track, which was song #17, titled “Her Majesty,” which is obviously a reference to some royalty.

The Mandalorian Season 3 premieres in March on Disney+.

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