5 Upcoming Webtoon Adaptations to Add Your Watchlist

Webtoons continue to increase in popularity as they trend worldwide. With new stories being published weekly it’s no surprise more adaptations are being released.  As more webtoon snag adaptation deals, we can look forward to more shows and movies hitting the screens next year. Here is the latest roundup of some webtoons set for their adaptations to be released sometime in 2023.

The Story of Widow Park’s Marriage Contract

Based on the webcomic Yeolnyeoparkssi Gyeyakgyeolhondyeon by Kim Neo-Wool this drama is set to air sometime in the second half of this year in South Korea. Set in the 19th century, The Story of Widow Park’s Marriage Contract follows the story of Park Yeon-Woo whose husband dies on their wedding day. In a dangerous turn of events, Park Yeon-Woo gets kidnapped by a man and is thrown into a well. When she regains consciousness she sees her husband in front of her and finds out that she has been transported to present-day Seoul, South Korea.

Kang Tae-Ha is the son of a wealthy family and his dying grandfather makes a wish to see his grandson’s wedding before he dies. In a turn of events, Kang Tae-Ha decides to ask Park Yeon-Woo to enter into a contract marriage. Bae In-Hyuk (Under The Queen’s Umbrella, My Roommate Is A Gumiho) is cast as the lead male role of Kang Tae-Ha, and Park Yeon-Woo as Lee Se-Young (The Law Café, The Red Sleeve).

Namnam (Strangers)

Jeon Hye-Jin (Search: WWW), Sooyoung (So I Married The Anti-Fan), Ahn Jae-Wook (The Empire), & Park Sung-Hoon (The Glory) are cast in the new drama series Namnam.

The drama series is based on the webcomic of the same name by Jung Young-Rong. The comedy-drama script will have Jeon Hye-Jin and Sooyoung play mother and daughter who still live together. Ahn Jae-Wook will play a doctor and Park Sung-Hoon will play a police officer, who works with Sooyoung’s character at a police substation.

Hellbound Season 2

The drama series Hellbound based on the webcomic “Jiok” by Yeon Sang-Ho is supposed to make its return with a second season. Actor Kim Sung-Cheol (Our Beloved Summer) will play the lead villain character of Jung Jin-Soo and replaces Yoo Ah-In who played the same character in Season 1.

Hellhound Season Two begins with the resurrection of Jung Jin-Soo and Park Jung-Ja. Min Hey-Jin continues her fight against Saejinrihwe and The Arrowheads. A date for the release of Hellbound Season Two has not yet been decided.

Spirit Fingers

The 2019 webtoon Spirit Fingers by Han KyoungChal has been announced to be adapted into a drama. It is a school romance story about a girl named Song Woo-Yeon a high school student who finds it difficult to express herself.

When she joins her school’s art club she learns to love and stand out for herself. This K-drama adaptation will reportedly be twelve episodes long, but no release date has been announced yet. The drama is scheduled to start filming soon. Currently, Park JiHu, Cho JunYoung, and Golden Child’s Choi BoMin are in talks to be a part of the cast but no one has been confirmed yet.

Unlucky Day

Yoo Yeon Seok (Hospital Playlist), Lee Sung Min (Reborn Rich), and Lee Jung Eun (Daily Dose of Sunshine) will be starring in the new drama Unlucky Day.The series is based on the webcomic Woonsoo Ojin Nal by Aporia and will be directed by Pil Gam-Seong (“Hostage: Missing Celebrity“).

In this series, Lee Sung-Min takes on the role of taxi driver Oh Taek, who is offered a large sum of money to give a passenger a ride to Mokpo. Unfortunately for Oh Take, he is unknowingly driving a killer who is planning to flee the country. This thrilling drama will be available to stream sometime during the second half of this year in South Korea.

What webtoons would you like to see adapted onscreen next? Let us know!


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