5 Easy Last-Minute Horror Costumes for Halloween

In case you aren’t acutely aware, there’s only one more week til Halloween! And as it strikes on a Monday this year, most parties will be held this weekend before the holiday itself.

Do you have your costume yet??

If the answer is no and you’re this close to running to a party store to spend an absurd amount on something that may not even hold up through a whole party, don’t grab the car keys just yet. You still have time to put together some looks from iconic horror movies and TV. While they won’t be screen-accurate, the vibes of the characters are distinctive and you won’t have to worry about anyone else having the same costume. 

Tatum Riley – Scream 

scream tatum - Google Search | Scream, Película scream, Cinefilo

The original Scream gave us some of the most recognizable character outfits in horror- the most vibrant of which is Tatum Riley. For this look, all you have to add is an armful of beers as you can get the mint green top, groovy skirt, and blonde wig on Amazon.

Casey Becker – Scream

Scream': the Most Shocking Deaths Across All 5 Movies, Ranked

Continuing with Scream we have Drew Barrymore’s Casey, the first character we’re introduced to. Though her outfit isn’t quite as bold as Tatum’s, it wins for comfort and beating the fall chills. Get a brick phone from a thrift store and you’re ready to roll either solo or paired with a Ghostface or Tatum. Grab the sweater, jeans, and wig before your time runs out!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It’s no secret that Buffy Summers has a plethora of killer outfits, but one of the easiest and most distinctive has to be the black tank and cherry red pleather pants. You can style it up with a silver cross necklace, leather jacket, and wooden stake, but all you really need is the shirt, pants, and boots

Laurie Strode – Halloween 1978

John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV: First Final Girl: Laurie Strode

One thing that sometimes feels lacking in modern horror is recognizable clothing; everyone on this list has surprisingly distinct looks despite wearing quite simple and clean outfits. One of the biggest examples of this is Laurie Strode, who stands out in just a blue-on-blue shirt and pants. You can add a wavy retro wig to top it all off. 

Tiffany Valentine – Bride of Chucky

Tiffany Valentine | Wiki | Horror Amino

Last but certainly not least, if you’d prefer to be a bad girl this Halloween you can’t go wrong with Tiffany. Speaking from personal experience, she’s always fun and comfortable to throw on and the pieces can be found practically anywhere; you don’t have to be accurate to be immediately recognized, and any length of dress works. Here are my favorite picks for her dressjacket, and wig. For a finishing touch, you can add black press-on nails and a smoky purple eye

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