5 Disney Characters I’d Hire to Work at Fandom Spotlite

Coworking Space Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSDThe team at Fandom Spotlite is filled with fun and colorful personalities. Each of us brings something totally different and it creates a Voltron-like synergy.

As our site grows, it’s only natural that our team would grow. Thus, giving me a crazy idea. If I could hire some new members from the world of Disney & Pixar, who would I hire? After looking at many magical resumes. I have found 5 viable candidates.

Belle From Beauty & The Beast – Assistant Editor

Before she became a Princess, she was a regular woman who loved to read. She’s read every book in her town’s library/bookstore more than once! And, when she was imprisoned in a castle, she was most impressed with the large library and not the talking objects. Belle’s love for books translates to a love for words. Belle would make a great assistant editor. She will be able to help our wonderful main editor by catching minor typos and grammar issues. Things that even Grammarly may miss. She’s also proficient in other languages, so we can expand our territory of coverage! Though we may ask her to take a psychiatric evaluation…you know, for the Stockholm Syndrome. 

Yesss From Wreck-it Ralph 2 – Social Media Analyst

Yesss from Wreck-it Ralph 2 knows all about what’s trendy on the internet. She knows all the latest hashtags, viral videos, trends on TikTok, and all the big influencers. As our social media analyst, she can help us expand our reach online and help us brand Fandom Spotlite online to its fullest potential. Plus, Yesss lives on the internet so she can change the algorithm to benefit us. That’s not illegal, right?

Edna Mode From the Incredibles – Fandom Fashion

Right now, we currently cover fandom & beauty. Fandom and fashion have also been another booming business that we sometimes cover in the Fandom News Roundup. Fashion Designer Edna Mode can go into great detail about the fandom fashions that are releasing every week. she can tell you if it’s in trend or not, if the quality is worth the money, if the design is loyal to the fandom, and eliminate any unnecessary capes. Miss Mode can even critique fandom fashion for kids! Just don’t ask her to babysit. 

Kuzco From Emperor’s New Groove-TV & Film Reviewer

Kuzco is an Emperor but he was never really interested in his royal responsibilities.  Ironically, in the films and tv series, Kuzco enjoyed watching TV and Films. It’s a cartoon so things don’t always make sense. He is also about to break the 4th wall and directly interact with his audience. Imagine his reviews opening with, “Boom Baby!” Kuzco will use his powers to fast forward, rewind, pause, and more to give us detailed and funny reviews of recent shows and movies. His takes will be unfiltered. So, that will either help him go viral or get him canceled. Hopefully it’s viral. 

Pain and Panic from Hercules – Rumors

Pain-and-Panic-Club | DeviantArtPain and Panic were Hades’ go-to minions! They weren’t very successful but he was loyal to them. Hades would often use Pain and Panic to spread rumors to create chaos. Their delivery is often comical but still believable. Imagine this silly duo sharing entertainment rumors in a video series on our YouTube Channel. Whether the rumors end up true or not won’t matter, because their chemistry will keep you entertained. And, if there are no rumors, they’ll use their transformation powers to create some. Allegedly.

Those are my 5 fictional candidates to bring to Fandom Spotlite. Who would you hire from these 5 candidates? Is there a Disney/Pixar character you would recommend? Share your choice in the comments and online.

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