5 Awesome Squid Game Cosplays

Squid Game was a Netflix show that became a viral sensation. It was one of the most talked-about shows in 2021 with memes, TikTok videos, discussions, and of course, cosplays paying homage to this amazingly addictive show. The creativity is always fun to see when exploring Instagram. There were so many great different looks but I narrowed it down to five of my favorites and got a little insight from the cosplayers on what it took to get the shot. Be sure to follow all these talented artists.

Akasha Cosplay


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Akasha Cosplay nailed both Seong Gi-Hun (#456) and Kang Sae-Byeok (#067) at the conclusion of the games. I love this because of the detail in the editing with the blood as well as how well the attitudes for both characters come through.

On putting it together, he has this to say: “I found the tracksuit online and ironed on the numbers. I tried to embody the emotions of the characters by the end of the games: tired, despondent, and beat up. Then I did some editing to put both photos together.”



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Squid Game had a few emotional moments but one that seemed to affect everyone the same way was the death of Ji-Yeong (#240). Her last line: “Thanks for playing with me” was touching after the bonding she did with Sae-Byeok. I was impressed with the makeup skills used for the bullet wound and the added detail of white contacts to really nail the dead look. While her page is primarily nail art, Sophia shared this impressive photo set last Halloween. 

On putting it together, Sophia had this to say: “I ordered the tracksuit from H&M. I really felt for player #240 while watching and her sacrifice was so significant that I knew I wanted to be her for Halloween. I bought the small white numbers from Amazon and sewed them onto the tracksuit. On the day of, I used scar wax/putty to create the bullet hole and black & dark red eyeshadow then topped it off with fake blood.”



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One thing that never ceases to amaze me is what people can accomplish with just makeup and brushes. The attention to detail is usually immaculate, like with this makeup cosplay of the Front Man and his iconic geometrical mask. Ichi nailed this.

On doing the cosplay he said: “My friend bought the jacket and training pants for me so it wasn’t anything special. I wanted to try it since my hair was the same length as the Front Man’s. I’m Asian like the characters in the show so we had similar facial features. The difficult part was contouring my face to get the shapes of the mask. I used a blend of foundation, contour cream, and highlighter to achieve the facial structure for this look.”



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The guards of Squid Game are famous for their lack of compassion and lack of hesitation in killing all the contestants who lost any game. The faceless enforcers were not to be played with. Seeing different cosplay interpretations has been fun, and this is one of my favorite because what if they were incredibly attractive behind the air of mystery? swolesmurf answered this question.

On putting the outfit together he said: “A simple square mask and red outfit with black gloves costume set I purchased, and an Airsoft mp5 gun.” Shout out to Justin O’Keith Creative (@justinokeithcreative) for capturing the shot.



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Another amazing cosplay of Kang Sae-Byeok (#067). This was done by @lolimu.o on Instagram. What caught my eye for this was the detail with the makeup and how they edited themselves into the world of Squid Game. The blood detail helped drive home the gore aspect of the series.

On putting the look together they said: “The clothing was pretty easy to do. The hardest part was definitely the makeup but somehow it all came together. A lot of editing as well.”

Do you know some great Squid Game cosplayers, or are one yourself? Tell us about it in the comments and on our socials!

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