3 Friendships in Anime Worth Watching on Galentine’s Day

Friendships have been proven to be such a powerful thing in a person’s life. And the same rings true for any story in all types of media, especially anime. One of the things in anime that I look forward to is the friendships that develop over the course of a story. Friendships can be integral to a character’s growth and a source of support for them. Since Galentine’s Day is a day to celebrate female friendships, I thought I’d share some memorable gal pals that have had a lasting effect on me.

Sailor Moon

The series follows the adventures of the titular protagonist whose civilian name is Usagi Tsukino, a middle school student who is given the power to become the Pretty Warrior. Joined by other Sailor Soldiers, she defends Earth against an assortment of evil villains.

This show was one of the first magical girl anime I watched as a child. It’s a lot of fun, and always a joy to watch even as an adult. The show is the epitome of girl power and friendship as we get to watch the scouts take down the villains that come their way. When I think of female friendships in anime, this show always comes to mind.

Carole & Tuesday

In this futuristic and musical anime, a girl named Carole lives in the metropolis of Alaba City, working part-time by day and playing the keyboard by night. Tuesday has run away from her home in Hershell City to and hopes to pursue music with her acoustic guitar. Even though the world is full of AI singers they decide to team up and go down the traditional route of music hoping to shift the industry.

I love how light-hearted and motivational it can be at times. Carole and Tuesday face a lot of hardships during entering the music world. Though their road to music stardom may be a tad unrealistic it’s their journey of pursuing their passion and friendship which is at the heart of the show. They face a lot of obstacles but have a positive attitude which makes this show feel a bit cozy.

Princess Jellyfish

Princess Jellyfish follows Tsukimi Kurashita along with her obsession with jellyfish, one she’s had since her mother took her to an aquarium when she was young. She lives with five other unemployed otakus (known as the Sisterhood) in an apartment in Amamizu-kan and dreams of becoming an illustrator.

In the Sisterhood featured in the show, there is Chieko, who’s obsessed with traditional Japanese clothes; Banba, with her deep affection for trains; and Mayaya, the history nerd who constantly spits out facts about the Records of the Three Kingdoms. Their friendship develops and grows over the course of the show because of the passion they share for their hobbies and their mutual resistance to societal norms. Their friendship is charming to watch and their sisterhood feels like a family.

Who are some of your favorite friendships from anime? Let us know in the comments.


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