Optimus Prime is one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in The Transformers, so much so that after his death in Transformers the Movie, he was restored to life in The Return of Optimus Prime. In this video we discuss how the Japanese continuity took a different turn for our hero and we also discuss his Generation Two and Machine Wars versions. Learn more of the history of Optimus Prime.

Captain Kyle continues to discuss the history of Optimus Prime, as a toy, in the comics and in the cartoon series. Special guest Simon Furman, the writer of much of the original UK Transformers Marvel Comic run as we as the writer on the last part of the US G1 comic and the Generation Two comic, discusses Optimus Prime’s apparent habit of dying and returning. This video covers the Japanese Generation One stories with Optimus Prime, including Battlestars, plus the Generation Two storyline and toyline and his Machine Wars incarnation and appearance in Beast Wars. We also look at the toys of Hero Optimus Prime, Laser Optimus Prime and G2 Gobot Optimus Prime, plus Headmaster Junior Optimus Prime and more.

Special Thanks to Simon Furman, Bob Budiansky, Tony Tuski, Rosemary Ward-Tuski, Hasbro, Inc., Marvel Comics, Mainframe Entertainment,,, The Spacebridge, TFWiki, TFU Info, Kax Blastard and Peter Cullen

To learn more about Optimus Prime’s story:

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