TRANSFORMERS J. BALVINTRON Special Edition Soundwave Review

Transformers has crossed over with J. Balvin to bring us the special edition Soundwave called J. Balvintron. This interestingly colored version of the original G1 Decepticon in charge of Communications. Captain Kyle goes through this redeco and sees if it’s worth putting in your collection.


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Soundwave is one of the most popular Transformers in history. He has had numerous reissues, new versions, and incarnations throughout almost all Transformer series. J. Balvin, who is a huge Transformers fan, loved the pitch of this exclusive edition of Soundwave, made with colors and designs inspired by his music career, style, and albums. While the base toy is very much a version of the original G1 Soundwave toy (with room for only one cassette, unlike the Toys’R’Us commemorative edition), it is very different in coloration and comes with the Siege Jetfire weapon, though also repainted. And very brightly colored blast effects. It also comes with Energia Buzzsaw and Vibras Stripes, a condor and a tiger respectively, as repainted cassettes based on Buzzsaw/Laserbeak and Ravage. Captain Kyle goes through this interesting piece and sees if it’s worth getting your hands on it.

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