TRANSFORMERS G1 OCTANE “Reissue” Knock-Off Review

Transformers the cartoon introduced the triple-changer Octane in the third season of the show. This Decepticon would be haunted by Starscream, befriend Trypticon, and race Sandstorm. The G1 version of this toy can be a bit expensive to buy complete. This counterfeit reissue might fit your budget better and Captain Kyle examines it to see if it’s a good substitute.

Octane is the third Decepticon triple-changer, rounding out the trio that includes Astrotrain and Blitzwing. However, he wasn’t introduced until season 3 of the cartoon series, though he did take part is some memorable storylines, including dealing with Starscream’s ghost. He was not as prominent in the comic book, though he did appear in several issues before being scrapped by a cosmically powered Decepticon known as… you guessed it… Starscream. His toy is hard to find complete, as he has three accessories, one of which is necessary for his oil tanker mode. This knock-off reissue comes complete in box, with stickers unapplied (even the factory ones) and Captain Kyle examines it to see if it’s worth it for your collection.

To get this reissue, you can find it on:

Ali Express: (he is in a selection of other counterfeit reissues, including Astrotrain, Blaster, and Blitzwing.

This toy is not manufactured by Hasbro or Takara Tomy and therefore they assume no liability regarding any quality issues.

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