TRANSFORMERS Centurion Drone and Weaponizer Pack Review (And a Bonus!)

The Transformers Centurion Drone Weaponizer pack from Generations Selects includes deluxe figure that’s great in any collection. But the real prize is the accessories pack, which features 17 accessories for your Transformers figures, both Autobot and Decepticon.

The Centurion Drone is part of the War for Cybertron line, a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive and is a silver repaint of the Decepticon Brunt, who hangs around Trypticon. A lot. Like we need a restraining order it’s so much.
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00:30 Centurion Drone Review

The Weaponizer accessory pack includes some great items:

Optimus Prime’s classic gun 02:00
Optimus Prime’s Energy Axe 02:44
Roller 03:00
Megatron’s Energy Mace 03:45
Miniature versions of the alt modes of Soundwave, Reflector, Megatron and Shockwave 04:20
A cage for Ravage 05:17
Autobot Blaster (NOT THE Autobot Blaster) (For Bumblebee) 06:47
Glass Gas Blaster (For Cliffjumper) 07:09
Drill Blaster (For Ironhide) 07:36
Jetpack (For Sideswipe) 08:29
Megatron’s Silencer 09:25
Radar Dish Accessory (For Trailbreaker) 09:41
Energon Cubes 10:00
Mini Optimus Prime Figure 10:30
Bonus Accessory 11:16

If you would like to find this set, you might try eBay. Use this link to search.

If you want the Gear of War Set (TFC-004) – search by clicking here.

Transformers are a registered trademark of Hasbro.

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