The Periodic Table of Elements Has Been Turned into Hot Anime Men

Yes, you read that correctly. The Elements of the Periodic Table have been turned into anime men for the game: Ketsugou Danshi: Elements with Emotions.

Square Enix recently announced this upcoming “friendship combined simulation adventure” game that is set to debut in Spring 2023, with plans to have it released on the Nintendo Switch alongside Android and iOS platforms.

Players will assume the role of a Shikenkan; an individual who wields the power of a specific chemical element. In typical doomsday fashion, players have 50 days before the world is supposed to disappear entirely and it’s your mission to stop that from happening.  How? Chemical bonding (sounds spicy). By merging the various Shikenkan, different chemical reactions will result, giving you more power to use when faced against the mysterious enemy called Red Matter.

It has been noted that the base game is set to come with four playable Shikenkan and the rest can be unlocked through paid DLC. However, it has not been confirmed which of the Shikenkan come with the game.

Several of the elements have confirmed official character designs, names, and even Twitter accounts that the characters refer to as “activity diaries”. Additionally, each Twitter account highlights the distinct personalities of each Shikenkan and includes character pages with an introduction of themself, and updates are written out in character as they go about their daily lives.

Confirmed Shikenkan includes:

Seriously, who’s idea was it to make Chlorine look like that? I feel like that should raise questions. He’s too pretty.

Overall, this game sounds like a compelling Boys Love storyline. The translation of the title being “Bonded Men: Elements with Emotions” really solidifies that interpretation since it seems like the idea of this game is to bond these characters together to see if they’re compatible with each other to progress in the game.

All things considered and jokes aside, I’m looking forward to this game and seeing how the overall gameplay pans out. For extra details and to keep up on any changes you can take a look at the official website here.

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