The Pat McGrath Labs x Star Wars Collab Has Landed

Guess who’s back back back again? It’s Dame Pat McGrath with another Star Wars collab. Are your wallets hurting yet? I didn’t find the first two collabs that interesting, especially since it was repackaging a lot of existing products. The same is true for a bulk of the items in this collab, but this one got me, and it was inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy. These are all limited editions.


Let’s get into the goods:

Mothership VI: Midnight Sun Star Wars Edition, $128- First off, can we talk about this beautiful packaging? I feel like the artwork for this round is so stunning. This one features on the box Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Yoda to name a few. This palette is a repackaging of the Mothership VI. If you have this palette in your collection already, you may want to reconsider getting it. And if you have had your eye on this palette, and love Star Wars, then you might have finally found your opportunity. This palette is mostly neutral, with pops of olive, purple, and red. The eyeshadow finishes range from matte, metallics, and duochromes.

Eyeshadow Palette Star Wars Edition, $36- There are three of these palettes dedicated to a different character. I love these, I think it was very smart to have smaller and more affordable palettes for purchase. Again I love the artwork, it’s so beautiful. The box also has pop-out artwork so you can save the boxes and even frame them.

Sith Seduction: This palette is modeled after Darth Vader. It’s mostly neutral with a red and blue pop. I love the shade names too and I feel it fits his character.

The Golden One: This palette is modeled after C-3PO. This palette is gold leaning, as is fitting, and has some deep blush shades in there. A mix of mattes and shimmers. I love the shade name Binary Sunset.

Divine Droid: This palette is modeled after R2-D2. This is probably my favorite palette of the three. I am heavily considering this one. This is an all-shimmer palette. Two gold shades, a light blue, fuchsia, and a deep purple. I am a color person and it is taking everything for me to not immediately add to cart.

ChromaLuxe Artistry Pigment Star Wars Edition – $32: There are four of these in this collection. These are pot shadows of a foiled metallic finish, high pigment, and of creamy texture. Smuggler’s Spice- a rose gold, Extragalactic Gold- a deep gold, Rouge Rebellion- a rich crimson, and Falcon Noir- a deep silver.

Dark Star Mascara Star Wars Edition, Xtreme Black – $32: This is a repackaging of the Dark Star mascara. It has the Star Wars logo and comes in a C-3PO box.

Dark Star Mascara color mascara – $32: These mascaras were just introduced in the Celestial Nirvana Holiday collection. I love it when high-end brands do color mascara and not just blue, really go for the other shades too. The shades are Ultraviolet Blue, Aquamarine Dream, and Pink Mystique. The only difference with this packaging is that the Star Wars logo is on the mascara, and packaged in an R2-D2 box.

LiquiLust: Legendary Wear Metallic Lipstick Star Wars Edition – $32: There are 3 shades of this liquid lipstick that boasts 12 hours of wear. These are a lightweight creamy formula and have a matte metallic finish. The shades are Nude Awakening- bronze nude with a golden pearl, Rose Divinity- cool mauve rose, and Crimson Sunset- a dirty vermillion. These are all existing shades, the main difference is that it’s now in red packaging and has the Star Wars logo on it. These come in a Darth Vader box.

Lust: Gloss Star Wars Edition – $29: There are 3 shades in the Lust Gloss formula which have multidimensional shimmers and is a balm gloss hybrid. The shades are Bronze Venus- bronze with pink pearl, Pale Fire Nectar- coral duo-chrome with pink pearl, and Carnal Desire- sheer red with pink and gold pearl. These are existing shades with the Star Wars logo on them and the box it’s in features stormtroopers. 

There are 13 different bundles on the Pat McGrath Labs website. Some are already sold out, but a good amount is still in stock. What I like about some of the bundles is that you can customize the shades that you want in the bundle. If you can’t find what you want there, you can find it on Sephora’s website. Sephora doesn’t have the bundles on its website.

What I would grab from the collab: I am obsessed with the 5 pan palettes. I would get Sith Seduction and Devine Droid. I would also get the Ultraviolet Blue mascara.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is the best out of the 3 collaborations Pat has done with Star Wars. I liked the 5 pan palettes, they are fun and smart. I loved the packaging and that they chose to focus on the original trilogy. It brought back a lot of nostalgia, getting us Gen X and Millennials in the wallet. There is still a lot of repackaging of existing shades and palettes, but I feel this is better than the previous collaborations.

Did you like this round of Star Wars x Pat McGrath Labs?

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