The Night is Dark and Filled with Music – Friday the 13th Candlelight Concert Review

Fever Events is known for its array of one-of-a-kind events.  Their Candlelight Concert series provides an illuminating experience that combines music with pop culture.  May 13th also known as Friday the 13th, fever hosted a special Candlelight Concert–Haunted Melodies.  Haunted Melodies is a musical event that will allow fans to be engulfed by beautiful sinister melodies. It is a scenic ambiance in a beautiful venue bathed in candlelight, a talented string quartet that performs classical pieces from horror movies and spooky classics, and a stunning open-air immersive walkthrough experience at Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Candlelight: Haunted Melodies
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Laurel Hill Cemetery was the perfect location for this event as there were pillar candles as far as the eye could see. The golden hues provided by candles glittered against a dark sky and puffy rain clouds. Guests were allowed to wander about the cemetery before the show to take in the ambiance and respectfully take photos.

Candlelight Display
The guests were eventually led to the main seating area where the string quartet awaited us. There was a brief introduction before the concert began.  The cellist was also the maitre’d for the evening. He was very animated and funny, masterfully keeping the crowd engaged during the 65-minute concert. The themes of Halloween, Psycho, and Stranger things opened up the show.   The themes of Ghostbusters and the Addams family garnered audience participation, looking around you could see many smiling faces.

It wasn’t all pop-cultural references- the quartet played iconic classics like Mozart’s Queen of the Night and Schubert’s Erlkonig.  These additions showed the skill of the performers and many in the audience either had their jaws dropped on the floor or were covered in goosebumps.  Truly emulates the build-up of a suspenseful scene in a horror film.

While many guests were disappointed that the Beetlejuice (Theme) by Danny Elfman was not played, there was a surprise performance of Remember Me from Disney’s Coco.  The rendition performed by the quartet was haunting and sad, much of the crowd was fighting back tears as they listened.

The show closed out with a riveting performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller which had the audience on their feet and dancing!

The Candlelight Concert: Haunted Melodies was a beautiful evening of music, pop culture, and togetherness. The audience passed the vibe check as they were all there to have a  great time. Many were dressed in their finest gothic attire and some took pictures with each other even though they had just met.

Haunted Melodies was a B.Y.O.B event for those of age and others packed light refreshments.

If this event finds its way into your city we highly recommend you attend! It is perfect for a date night, a group event, or if you’re looking for a new experience.

Head to Fever’s website and select your city to see what original events are heading your way!

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