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In Doctor Strange & The Multiverse of Madness, fans were given their first “formal” introduction to mutants in the MCU, when Professor X (Sir Patrick Stewart) appeared as a member of the Illuminati.  In Disney Plus’ Miss Marvel, Bruno informs Kamala that her DNA has been “mutated.” This changes Kamala from an Inhuman to a Mutant.

We can infer that the X-Men are coming- also because it was revealed at a convention a while ago.  There have been plenty of rumors that Taron Egerton (Rocket Man) & Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) were in talks with Marvel to play Wolverine and Professor X respectively. I know Disney ignored my perfect fan-casting of the Fantastic Four, but I’ve prepared not only the perfect story but the perfect casting for the MCU’s X-Men.

First the story. I want a live-action adaptation of this brilliant story from the X-Men anime. I present to you episode 1 of the anime series:

Here is a synopsis:

After the death of Jean Grey (who was being controlled by the Dark Phoenix, due to the sinister influence of the Inner Circle), the X-Men are reassembled by Professor X to travel to Japan following the abduction of Armor and face the U-Men who are abducting young mutants in order to harvest their organs. During their fight with the U-Men, the X-Men discover that some of the mutants in Japan are suffering from the “Damon Hall Syndrome” which causes problems for mutants during their second mutation. The X-Men must also deal with the next plot of the Inner Circle.

This story allows us to move away from the Dark Phoenix Saga that for some reason they keep trying to tell. ENOUGH with the firebird. Also, the introduction of Damon Hall Syndrome will play well with Miss Marvel’s mutation, her bangles gave her some of her powers but what about the crystallization being a secondary mutation? It’s plausible as we know of another mutant who has Damon Hall Syndrome and it gave them a form of crystallization too–Emma Frost.

Fun Fact: You know who in the MCU gets a version of Damon Hall Syndrome? Spider-Man!

Now that you know the story let’s get to the cast.

Sir Patrick Stewart – Professor X

I’m not changing the Professor because in the anime we need Charles to be old and wise. I don’t think Giancarlo is that old and I would rather him be Mr. Sinister.  Plus, Sir Patrick Stewart was truly born for this role and I think fans are going to need a familiar face if we are about to give them a whole new X-Men cast.

Kyle Gallner – Wolverine

To horror fans, Kyle Gallner should seem very familiar as the possessed teen in A Haunting in Connecticut.  Gallner also starred in Scream (2022), The Walking Dead, Beautiful Creatures, and Smallville. Gallner is an incredible actor with a wide range of roles from sinister, funny, lovable, and everything in between. He also has strikingly good-looking. Kyle has the acting bravado and physicality to play the brute Wolverine.

Michaela Cole – Storm

Michaela Cole is a dynamic actress and writer. Her presence on screen immediately captures you in, but you stay for the acting. Her starring role on HBO’s I May Destroy You was groundbreaking and proved that Cole is here to stick around. Many have already championed Michaela Cole as the Weather Witch, Storm. It is easy to see why Storm is one of the most recognizable X-Men characters. She is also a fierce warrior with a kind spirit. Michaela Cole can certainly portray the duality of the character.

Brianne Tju – Armor

Brianne Tju is a relatively new actress on the scene and she seems to enjoy the horror genre. Tju has starred in Scream (The TV Series), I Know What You Did Last Summer? (TV Series), Light as a Feather, and 47 Meters Down: Uncaged. Brianne’s horror background lends to the role of Armor, a young mutant scared of her powers and scared to harm others. Armor plays a central role in the anime and over time has more of a role as an X-Men in the comics. Tju can add a real “human” element to a character whose powers make them larger than life. Literally.

Kate Upton – Emma Frost

The White Queen aka Emma Frost is known for being the villain and then being a hero. A former member of the Hellfire Club, Emma used her telepathic gifts on anyone who crossed her. In the anime, she is looking for a fresh start as a teacher. She also captures the eye of Cyclops. Get it…eye?  Emma’s diamond powers are a secondary mutation as a result of having Damon Hall Syndrome. Kate Upton not only looks the part but has the likability needed to make audiences believe that Frost is a friend, not a foe.

Jamie Campbell Bower – Cyclops 

Jamie Campbell Bower has been on the timeline a lot recently. He was a breakout star in season 4 of Stranger Things for his role as Vecna/Peter Ballard. Don’t let his youthful looks fool you, Bower is a grown man. Jamie needs to strike while the iron is hot, and a lead role as Cyclops can push him to superstardom. Cyclops is often portrayed as an unlikeable leader, but he is a leader! Bower has the screen presence and talent to command this rule and pose a real threat to Wolverine. Also, they have the same facial features. So…it is meant to be!

Chef Robert Irvine – Beast 

I usually like to include a controversial pick, not for clickbait reasons, but because I believe the best answer is not always obvious.  Dr. Hank McCoy aka Beast is a brilliant scientist, but he is also a huge beast! We often only see Hank for his kind and calm demeanor and forget that this man can kick ass! Even Wolverine knows not to mess with the good doc. Chef Robert Irvine physically fits the role but he is also an incredibly smart man.  Now, before you start yelling, “Yali, he has never acted,” let me tell you that you are wrong. According to IMDB, he has 3 acting credits; Body of Proof, Melissa & Joey, and TNA IMPACT.  Also, let me remind you that yall let the Rock become an action star.  All that aside, this could be the Chef’s chance to return to acting in a big way. Plus, it is about time we have someone play Beast who is actually physically a beast.

That concludes my dream fancast for the MCU’s X-Men. Now get in the comments and tell me who your dream fancast is!

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3 Comments on “The MCU’s X-Men – Dream Fancast”

    X-Men (Reboot)

    Casting by DoomLord93

    •KiKi Layne will play Storm.

    •Millie Bobby Brown will play Kitty Pryde.

    •Taron Egerton will play Wolverine.

    •KeKe Palmer will play Rogue.

    •Channing Tatum will play Gambit

    •Tina Desai will play Trinary.

    •John Boyega will play Cyclops

    •Methodman will Play Bishop

    •Shameik Moore will play Havok

    •Ralph Fiennes will play Proffesor X

    •Evan Rachel Wood or Saoirse Ronan will play Jean Grey

    •Brandon Flynn will play Ice Man

    Stephen Lang will play Cable.
    Pierce Brosnan will play Cable.

    Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson will play Juggernaut.

    •Vanessa Kirby will play Emma Frost.

    •Madison Iseman will play Dazzler.

    •Cameron Monaghan will play Pyro.

    •Elizabeth Olsen will reprise the role of Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch.

    •Aaron Taylor-Johnson will reprise the role of Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver.

    UNKNOWN: Hugh Jackman will reprise the role of James Howlett/Logan/Wolverine.
    UNKNOWN: Dafne Keen will reprise the role of Laura Kinney/X-23.

    •Viggo Mortensen will play Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto.

    •Mena Massoud or Finn Wolfhard will play night crawler.
    •Denzel Washington as Mephisto
    •Ana de Armas as Mystique
    •Joel Edgerton as Beast
    •Psylocke Sonoya Mizuno
    •Alex Pettyfer as Angel

    1. John Boyega as Cyclops!?!? I want whatever drugs you’re doing because they seem extremely strong. That or you just don’t understand the character at all.

  2. Meu elenco do X-Men:

    Gerard Butler – Professor X
    Andrew McCarthy – Magneto
    Channing Tatum – Wolverine
    Maggie Q – Jubilee
    Emma Stone – Jean Grey
    Naturi Naughton – Tempestade
    Robbie Amell – Ciclope
    Matt Lanter – Gambit
    Jared Padalecki – Noturno
    Sofia Carson – Vampira
    Miles Teller – Fera
    Margot Robbie – Mistica
    Alex Pettyfer – Homem de Gelo
    Harrison Gilbertson – Pyro
    Ross Lynch – Anjo
    Joey King – Lince Negra
    Jay Baruchel – Dentes de Sabre
    Seth Rogen – Colossus
    Rooney Mara – Shadowcat
    Priyanka Chopra – Psylocke
    Maggie Grace – Emma Frost

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