Shadowrun Trilogy Console Edition Announcement Trailer Released

Initially announced a few months back during a Nintendo direct, Shadowrun is coming to consoles.

We received a full announcement trailer for the upcoming trilogy console release.

Wildly popular on the PC, the Shadowrun games are part of a trend of bringing the isometric CRPG (Computer RPG) to consoles. It will join games like Pathfinder: Kingmaker, the Balder’s Gate series, and Numenera: Tides of Torment.

Shadowrun Returns Combat
Turn-based aggressive negotiations.

Shadowrun is a game set in a cyberpunk-fantasy future, where dragons rule corporations, magic has returned, and mercenaries called Shadowrunners are caught in the middle.

Dragonfall Dante
Who’s the goodest boy? Is it Dante? It’s Dante. There’s more to the mystical mutt, but you’ll find out when you play Dragonfall.

This is also a trilogy release, featuring the complete library of the Returns line:

Shadowrun Returns: Explore 6th World Seattle while hunting down a serial killer and uncovering a potentially world-ending conspiracy.

Shadowrun Returns
First in the trilogy, set in Seattle.

Shadowrun Dragonfall: Next we go to the German Flux State. Your team helps an independent city-state thrive while hunting those responsible for killing a friend.

Shadowrun Dragonfall
Dragonfall companions Dietrich, Eiger, and Glory.

Shadowrun Hong Kong: Finally, seek revenge and balance in the shadowy underworld of the HK.

Shadowrun Hong Kong
Hong Kong features companions Duncan and Gobbett.

Shadowrun Returns Trilogy edition is slated for release this June. It is coming to all major consoles, and will even be on the Xbox Gamepass. Give it a try, it’s probably going to be a better cyberpunk experience than another relatively recent release.

Have you played any of the Shadowrun games? How about the old 16-bit era games, or perhaps the terrible Xbox 360 game? Have you played the tabletop version? Let us know in the comments!



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