Regal Cinemas Rewards Moviegoers for Celebrating Halloween

If loving Halloween was an extreme sport, some of us would be pro athletes. Unfortunately, nobody is handing out medals for celebrating Halloween… but this year, Regal Cinemas is doing something that comes pretty close to that! During the month of October, Regal is offering Regal Crown Club members three exciting deals in honor of spooky season. Not a part of the Crown Club? No worries! Signing up is quick, easy, and most importantly, FREE. You can sign up on Regal’s website or in the app. Crown Club members earn 1 credit for every $0.01 spent, and these credits can be used to redeem a free size upgrade (worth $1), a free small popcorn or drink (worth about $7), and even a free movie ticket (worth about $13)! Members also get discounts on candy every Monday, on movie tickets every Tuesday, and on popcorn every Thursday.

All registered for the Crown Club? Great! Let’s take a look at the three big perks waiting for you this month.

1. Discounted Regal Unlimited 12-Month Subscription

In addition to the free Crown Club, Regal also offers a subscription service called Regal Unlimited. For $23.45 a month, subscribers can see as many movies as they want without paying for their ticket, plus they get a 10% concessions discount. With movie tickets running at about $13, this subscription pays for itself after just two visits to the movie theater! New subscribers have to keep their subscription for a minimum of three months, but after that, you can cancel whenever you want. If you’re a frequent moviegoer and are confident that you will attend at least two movies every month, you can also pay for a full year’s subscription at once. For the first two weeks of October, new subscribers will receive a $60 discount off of their 12-month subscription as part of Regal’s Slasher Sale! This deal expires on Friday October 13th, so make sure to hop on it soon! 

2. “Click or Treat”

Every Thursday from October 5th through 26th, Regal Unlimited subscribers will receive an email with a special “Click or Treat” button. Clicking this button and watching any movie within the given timeframe will unlock a secret reward, including 500 bonus credits. You can view the timeframes here. If you collect all four rewards throughout the month, a free small popcorn will be loaded onto your card on November 2nd! Since the first Click or Treat email went out last week, it may be too late for new subscribers to collect the first week’s prize, but guess what? I’m going to share it with you! The gift for week 1 is 15% off any order from The Popcorn Factory. Even if you missed the Click or Treat email, you can still redeem this offer using the code REGALHW. Shhh, don’t let Regal know I told you! This won’t get you the 500 bonus points, but you can still collect the treats for weeks 2 through 4.

3. Rewards for Watching Horror Movies

I’ve saved the best for last! If you are a member of the Regal Crown Club (which, I remind you, is 100% free to join), you will receive a bonus reward every time you watch an eligible movie between September 6th and October 31st, and the rewards get better with each movie! They include bonus credits, a free small drink, and a free small popcorn. Regal’s website says that these rewards will appear on your card within 24 hours, but in my experience, it can take up to 5 days. You can check out the full list of rewards here. Below is a list of eligible movies:

  1. The Nun II
  2. Satanic Hispanics (only showing at a limited number of locations)
  3. A Haunting in Venice
  4. It Lives Inside
  5. Saw X
  6. Hocus Pocus 30th Anniversary
  7. The Exorcist: Believer
  8. Five Nights At Freddy’s
  9. Any of the 7 movies in the Fathom Fright Fest lineup*

*Only the September 6th showing of They Live counts towards this promotion; the September 3rd showing does not.

Ready to make good on these frighteningly good deals? Sign up for the Regal Crown Club, subscribe to Regal Unlimited, then go forth and be scary!

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