Marvel’s Next Conquest: High-End Fashion & Beauty! 9 of Their Latest Collabs.

Let’s face it, nerd culture is pop culture, and we can largely credit that to Marvel superhero films. Some of the world’s biggest blockbusters are Marvel Cinematic Universe films. When something is a blockbuster, that means it is worth big money! So it’s no surprise that Marvel/Disney are looking for ways to cash in on the success of the MCU. There are the usual avenues: merchandise like T-shirts, toys, video games, and bed sets. These traditional mediums are geared towards parents with children. However, Marvel has decided to aim at a new revenue source: High Fashion & Beauty.

The worlds of fashion and beauty are billion-dollar industries! So, why not try to tap into a profitable market? We at Fandom Spotlite have assembled a list of some of Marvel’s latest collabs, which focus on fashion and beauty.

Marvel x Coach

Photo via Marvel

Recently, Marvel collaborated with high fashion brand Coach. This limited-edition collection features over 100 pieces. The collection ranges from shirts, hoodies, handbags, wallets, collectible stuffed bears, and keychains. The designs feature the avengers but in their classic designs. Remember, Coach is a high-end fashion brand, so the prices will reflect that, but Coach Outlet offers this collection at a discount. Only while supplies last.

Marvel x Rocklove Jewelry

Marvel X RockLove Black Widow Hourglass Necklace – RockLove Jewelry
Photo via Rocklove

Rocklove Jewelry is no stranger to working with Disney. In the past, they have collaborated on collections for other Disney properties like Maleficent, Frozen, Christopher Robin, and Alice in Wonderland. It was only natural for them to partner with Marvel for jewelry inspired by the MCU. This partnership consists of designer jewelry like earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets to coincide with MCU releases. Currently, you can purchase designs based on Captain America, The Black Panther, Black Widow, and Captain Marvel to name a few. You can also purchase Rocklove Jewelry on ShopDisney.

Marvel x Maybelline

Marvel has worked with makeup giant Maybelline to create a new makeup line. This collection will take some of Maybelline’s most popular products and give them a superhero makeover. This collab is currently available overseas but will hit the USA in 2021. Marvel fans can look out for this makeup collection in retailers where Maybelline is sold.

Marvels x Toms

Pop culture and sneakers have become a popular pairing. Marvel previously worked with Vans to create sneakers based on The Black Panther and other members of the Avengers. Their latest entry into sneakers is with the brand Toms. Toms are known for their comfort and their charity work. This limited edition collab includes shoes for babies, kids, and adults.

Marvel x PAIR Eyewear

People all over the world wear glasses to help them see. Though some of us wear them for fashion reasons too. Even a couple of the Avengers wear glasses as well. Marvel paired up with PAIR Eyewear to offer their clients frames with Marvel designs. If PAIR Eyewear sounds familiar, it should. PAIR was on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. These interchangeable frames offer designs featuring Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, The Hulk, and Captain America.

Marvel x Garmin

The Avengers have access to some of the best technology. Now MCU fans can too…if you can afford it. Luxury brand Garmin created two smartwatches inspired by Captain Marvel and Captain America. The watch connects to your phone using Garmin’s own app. With the watch, you will be able to listen to music, make payments, check texts and so much more. Also, it makes a great fashion statement!

Marvel x FUL

We can’t vacation right now due to COVID-19 but we can still try to plan for the future. FUL’s Black Panther designer luggage collection will have you traveling in style! The luggage is made with durable ABS plastic, is easy to control with an aluminum telescopic handle,  features smooth, 360-degree movement with 8 spinner wheels, and the interior includes 2 mesh zip pockets and a zip wet dry compartment for personal essentials.

Marvel x Her Universe

Her Universe is a company known for turning nerd culture into high fashion. Unlike some of the others on this list, this line is far more affordable. Marvel x Her Universe provides clothing, accessories, and beauty items for all genders. This line offers formal attire, along with athleisure wear. Her Universe can be purchased on the Hot Topic and Her Universe websites.

Marvel x Every Man Jack
Every Man Jack joined forces with Marvel in a brand new partnership to empower fans with a legendary clean. Four limited-edition collections feature a unique fragrance inspired by iconic Marvel characters. All naturally derived, aluminum-free, and cruelty-free. Every Man Jack’s collection includes body wash, deodorant, hand wash, and a 3 in 1 all over wash. While this particular collaboration isn’t pricey, if you are a collector of all things Marvel, it will cost you a pretty penny to buy them all!

These are just some of Marvel’s attempts to conquer the world of fashion and beauty. We at Fandom Spotlite will be on the lookout for more in the future. Which of these is your favorite? Do you plan on buying any of these limited edition collections? Let us know in the comments and on social media.

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