Looks Like You’ve Seen A Ghost – The Mandalorian Chapter 14 Recap

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!!!!! 


The final approach to Tython begins when we rejoin Papa Mando and the Child known as Grogu. They play a game of “catch” with the silver ball. The Child is holding it when Papa Mando calls him by his name and asks for the ball. Grogu reluctantly does so. Din holds it up and asks Grogu to take the ball using the force, and he does! The Mandalorian reacts like a proud father. Din tells Grogu that with his powers a Jedi is sure to come and train him and he must go with them. This does not make the Child happy.

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The pair arrive on the beautiful rocky mountain planet of Tython, where an old Jedi Temple once stood. They cannot land the Razor Crest on top of the mountain. So, they will have to take the last stretch with the “windows down.” Cut to Papa Mando jetpacking with a happy Child in tow to the top of the mountain. He places him onto the seeing stone and walks around wondering how it works. Do they see him, or does he see them? No sooner does an all too familiar looking ship arrive. Papa Mando demands that it’s time to go but turns to see that the Child is surrounded by a light that is shooting up as far as the eye can see. He tries to reach for the child but is blown back by the force.

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The Mandalorian leaves the Child behind to see who our visitors are. It does not take long for our visitor to reveal themselves. It is BOBA FETT! (Temuera Morrison) Papa Mando has his gun drawn and is ready to fire when Boba tells him about the sniper he has locked on to the Child. It is Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen). “You look like you seen a ghost,” she says as they all lower their weapons, and he takes off his jetpack to talk. Fennec tells of how Boba Fett rescued her and that she is now in his debt. Boba Fett tells him that he is here for the armor that he got from Cobb Vanth back on Tatooine. He explains to him how it belonged to his father Jango, wo was a foundling and fought in the Mandalorian Civil Wars. If the armor is returned, then Fennec and Fett will assist Mando in his mission.

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The bad guys arrive. Two ships filled with Stormtroopers touch down. Fennec and Fett go right into battle mode as The Mandalorian heads back uphill to get Grogu. Again, another blowback from the shield surrounding the Child as he continues his little phone call. More troopers are coming, and Fett and Fennec are doing their best to pick them off one by one. However, their adversaries have some heavy artillery with them. Boba Fett sees the Razor Crest and has an idea.

The Mandalorian comes back to join the fight. They are taking on a small army of troopers as best they can when BOOM!!! Boba Fett drops back in with his original armor and all and starts to destroy everything in his way. The troopers retreat to their ships, but he is not done. He blasts both ships out of the sky.

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Suddenly, out of the sky shots are fired down and the Razor Crest is destroyed. It is a good thing Boba Fett already got his armor. We cut to Moff Gideon as he commands the deployment of the Dark Troopers. They fly down to Tython and land at the top of the ruins of the Jedi temple just in time for The Child to complete his call and collapse. They easily snatch him up and fly off. Boba Fett, already back in his ship is close enough to take them out, but we need to protect that child. He follows the Dark Troopers to see them board an Imperial Cruiser and declares “The Empire is Back.” He returns to Din to inform him and Fennec.  Boba and Fennec, still in Din’s debt vow to help get Grogu back.

Cut to The Mandalorian paying a visit to Cara Dune. He wants information on where to find Migs Mayfield (Bill Burr). He wants to spring him from his 50-year sentence to help him rescue the Child from The Empire.

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In the final scene, we see Moff Gideon on his ship watching The Child toss around Stormtroopers in his cell before becoming tired. Gideon sees this and mocks him with the Dark Saber. He tells his people to put the call in to Dr. Pershing. They have their asset again. He shocks the Child into sleep and puts tiny cuffs on him.


I am not sure how to rate an episode of a show that keeps getting better and better. I do know that this has been bringing the fans back together. Multigenerational Star Wars fans are uniting through possibly one of the best Star Wars ever told. It is a beautiful thing.

Robert Rodriguez took the helm for this one and like everyone before him this season, he did his job well. I did notice it was a little more violent than any other episode of the series. Headshots galore and the shattering of Stormtroopers helmets were freaking cool. I love how the story is coming together and involving old and new characters in the thick of it. I cannot wait to see the return of Bill Burr. I cannot wait to see who gets to direct the next one. The only drawback now is that expectations for this season to finish strong and keep us on the edge of our seats. I only hope we will not be let down with so few episodes to go.

The Return of Boba Fett was a highlight!  He really came through, kicked ass, and gave us everything we have wanted for over 30 years! I hope he continues to play a pivotal role throughout the entire series, and we get more stories of The Mandalorian Civil Wars.

5 out of 5 Star for The Mandalorian Chapter 14: The Tragedy

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