Late Night with the Devil Review

Recent years have been very good for the horror genre. It is safe to say though that 2024 so far has been quiet for the most part. Movies such as Night Swim and Imaginary have been duds and everything else hasn’t been worth mentioning too much. Late Night with the Devil is most definitely the exception.

The story is about a late-night talk show host named Jack Delroy who in 1977 was always number 2 in the ratings right behind the legendary Johnny Carson. To boost ratings, he decides to set up a show on Halloween no one will ever forget. The horrors that occurred next must be seen to be believed.

The Story

Late Night with the Devil isn’t filled with jump scares and it can be a slow burn. What it does well though is fill you with a sense of uneasiness and dread throughout. Most of all it is a fun time. There have been many times when people have said that possession films and found footage films are played out, but this movie finds a strong way to breathe new life into both subgenres.

There are times when people recommend you see a movie in theaters. I do recommend that but I also feel the experience would be just as good in your living room. This is because of how immersive the film is. We are supposed to be watching an episode of a late-night talk show and that is exactly what it feels like. From the guests to the commercial breaks, to the band, everything feels genuine. There is a scene where a character hypnotizes the audience. We see some grotesque things occur because we are supposed to be hypnotized as well. We are the viewers who are staying up late to watch this late-night show. The movie uses such clever ways to tell a story.

One of the worst sins that a movie can make, especially found footage is not feeling genuine. When I sat in the theatre, I was enjoying myself. The dialogue was great, the set and costumes were mesmerizing and I felt intrigued. I did wonder when the spooky stuff would occur though. I realized soon enough that if this was all real, would the devil show his cards up front or wait a bit? The slow burn is an advantage for sure. There are hints and creepy moments that let you know this won’t end well. The intrigue in the story remained but dread followed and for a horror fan, that is a great feeling.

There are story beats here that might remind you of The Exorcist or Carrie, etc. The movie takes certain ideas and delivers them in such a refreshing way right up until the insane beautifully shot conclusion.

David Dastmalchian

I can not speak enough about this man. You might recognize his face but you might not remember where he’s from. Here is hoping that changes because he is truly amazing in this and just about everything he is in.

Dastmalchian has been in hit films such as The Suicide Squad and Dune but 2023 was his breakout year. He appeared in Quantumania, The Last Voyage of the Demeter, The Boogeyman, and Oppenheimer just to name a few. The man has been working for years but this is his first lead role and he knocks it out of the park.

He fits in so perfectly as the talk show host and manages to deliver such charm and slime in his performance. He commands the screen for sure and I’m so excited to see more and more of him. In a movie that already does all it can to feel real, Dastmalchian feels the most genuine. He is the heart and soul of the movie.

Credit also needs to be given to Ingrid Torelli who plays Lilly. She is a young girl who is on the show as a guest because she just might be possessed. She does a lot of acting just with her eyes and she comes off as very creepy.


Late Night with the Devil is creepy, fun, creative, and refreshingly original. It bleeds the 70s in the best way possible. It is great to see that found footage is not dead. The film is very smart in how it holds the attention of the audience. You will feel the dread and still not be prepared when things go down. It is very rewatchable and I look forward to seeing it again once it hits Shudder next month. Hopefully, we get more great horror this year from now on.

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