IMDb Cosplay Contest Prize Pack UNBOXING with Maeden!

IMDb held an online cosplay costume content recently and our very own Maeden was one of ten winners! In this video, Maeden will share the unboxing of the IMDb prize pack and her reactions as she sees the items for the very first time!

Many organizations are creating contests and online events during the pandemic, and IMDb decided to have a cosplay content! Cosplayers sent in their best photos of themselves in costume and 10 lucky winners were chosen. Maeden is well known for her portrayal of Supergirl from various comic book, animated and video game continuities, in addition to her own variations on the character. She was one of the 10 lucky winners and received an IMDb prize box. She opens it for the very first time on video and shares what she discovered with you.

IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, has information on movies, TV shows, video games, actors, directors, cinematographers, sound editors, gaffers… basically everyone involved in creating media entertainment.

You can visit IMDb at:


Check back for future unboxings and fandom item reviews in the future!

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Mae, known on the internet as Maeden, is a cosplayer, writer, editor, photographer, videographer, and whatever else she needs to be. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as @MaedenArt

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