He Has A Name-The Mandalorian Chapter 13 Recap

WARNING!!!! Spoilers Ahead!!!!


We start out in a desolate forest. There is a thick fog, like something you would see in anime or a Kurosawa film. We hear Scout Guards relaying messages for survival. Then we see two white lightsabers take one out. Then another. When who finally appears? None other than Ahsoka Tano herself, played by Rosario Dawson. She is mowing down guards one after another. The bells ring out from a guarded entrance that she keeps making her way toward. When she arrives, more guards and the Magistrate appear to exchange words with this dual lightsaber-wielding Jedi. Ahsoka seeks knowledge and lays out her terms to the Magistrate before she disappears again into the fog.

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Next, we find ourselves back on the Razor Crest with Papa Mando and the Child. They are on their final approach to Corvus where they will get to meet the Jedi they were told about. The Child wants the metal ball that he likes to hold from the control panel. He gets it the only way he knows how. Upon landing, Papa Mando discovers this. A slight admonishing occurs as he tucks it away into his armor and they make their way into the city of Calodan.

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They approach the gates where the guards are at their ready. They fire off some questions about why the Mandalorian has come there and he feeds them what they want to hear. Once inside the gates of Calodan, we see a desolate, sepia-toned town. Once the people of the town see The Mandalorian they scatter and seek shelter. A resident protects his children and asks for him not to speak to anyone. As soon as that happens the guards show up. They alert Papa Mando that the Magistrate would like to speak with him, and he must go with them now.

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As they approach the Magistrate’s home, we see a gruesome sight as prisoners in cages are being tortured by electric shock. You can see that our hero does not like this, but he continues on his way. On the other side of her door we see a beautiful garden, a stark contrast to the rest of the city. Greenery and a pond with a walkway in the middle and at the end, The Magistrate standing there holding a long sharp spear and looking menacing and ready to lead the conversation. She makes an offer to the Mandalorian. She tells him about the Jedi she wants killed. And his reward would be the pure Beskar spear she presently holds. He accepts the deal, not revealing that he is there to seek out the Jedi for much more peaceful purposes.

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With coordinates given to him, Papa Mando and the Child are sent back out into the grim forest to seek out the Jedi. It does not take long though before she finds them. Ahsoka arrives in an impressive sneak attack on our hero. In which he successfully defends himself against the lightsabers with his impenetrable armor. The battle is brief and is quickly ended after Mando explains why he’s there. They talk. She tells The Mandalorian that The Child has a name. His name is…Grogu.

Ahsoka can speak to Grogu using the force. She begins to find out things we all been dying to know besides his name. He was raised by Jedi Masters on Corosant. He was taken from the temple around the end of the Clone Wars and his history goes dark from there. He has kept his abilities hidden to survive and this has led to much fear in the child. Ahsoka tries to test Grogu with a floating rock and even though he catches it, he does not listen to her command to send it back. In comes Papa Mando with our silver ball from the Razor Crest. The Child reaches out as he does and quickly takes his favorite object in the whole world from his favorite person in the whole world.  Seeing this, Ahsoka Tano reveals that she cannot train this child. She believes that his fear will lead him down the wrong path and she does not want to be responsible for that. Who can blame her? *Cough**Anakin**Cough* Papa Mando pleads with her. This is the mission, and he means to complete it no matter what it takes. She will guide the Mandalorian to get Grogu trained properly if he agrees to help her. Ahsoka tells the Mandalorian about the Magistrate, Morgan Elsbeth, played by Bruce Lee’s goddaughter Diana Lee Inosanto. Her people were murdered in the Clone Wars and she has helped the empire to gain her power and she takes out anyone who gets in her way. She has info that Ahsoka wants along with her wishes to free the troubled people and prisoners of Calodan. He agrees as he always does. The Mandalorian and The Jedi will work together to take out the Magistrate.

We return to Calodan. Ahsoka quickly attacks the bell tower and takes out all the guards, giving her a free pass into town. She approaches the Magistrate’s building and all guards are out locked and loaded, and waiting with Morgan Elsbeth by their side. Ahsoka throws down a piece of Beskar armor and says she took out The Mandalorian, giving Morgan once last chance to give up the info. She refuses and action breaks out and battles take place in tight and dark alleys around the dark town. Morgan retreats to her garden as Ahsoka takes out all her guards and makes chase. She makes her way over the walls and then Papa Mando appears in time to save some civilians. A lightsaber vs Beskar dual takes place inside the garden between Ahsoka and Morgan. The Mandalorian and the head guard Lang (Michael Biehn) have a standoff and banter just outside the gates. Ahsoka wins the battle and apparently gets the knowledge she sought about the location of Grand Admiral Thrawn. She also gives the Beskar Spear to The Mandalorian. The prisoners are free and so is the town once again.

Papa Mando heads back to the Razor Crest to get the Child one last time. But Ahsoka still refuses to train Grogu. She sees our hero is like a father to him. She does however tell him to go to the planet Tython to seek out the ruins of an ancient temple. Place Grogu on the seeing stones and allow Grogu to choose his path. If there are any Jedi out there, they will feel it and seek him out. The Razor Crest takes off for more adventure and Ahsoka Tano walks off peacefully with a little smile.


I really need to watch The Clone Wars and Rebels. I promise I will get on it this month. What another great adventure to go on. This episode again is visually stunning. Giving us more new characters and backdrops to add into the canon. The opening sequence alone was so spectacular, they could have run the closing credits right there and I would have been cool with it. I may not know the character from the animated series, but I am already a huge fan of Ahsoka Tano. Oh, and the dual white sabers were so awesome. The backdrops and visual aspects of this show again are something you must take in. Watching episodes of this show has me looking at every little thing repeatedly. I admire all the thought and effort each writer and director has put into every chapter and Dave Filoni is no different for this one. Tackling the Jedi is a big task. You are messing with 40 years’ worth of great fiction when you do. When it is done right it is fun and intriguing and that is exactly what this episode was. Another great adventure with so much to hold onto and so much to talk about and if you didn’t watch this episode right away it’s a good chance you knew his name before you saw the show. The spoiler was out before noon before Friday and as much as that sucked for fans it still did nothing to ruin the episode. It was another great chapter on one of the greatest shows currently running. This keeps me and many fans excited and wanting more. Every week I cannot wait to see Papa Mando and Grogu. This week will be no different. This is the way.

5 out of 5 stars for The Mandalorian Chapter 13: The Jedi

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