Friday The 13th: Horror At Camp Crystal Lake Board Game Review

In 1957, a boy named Jason Voorhees drowned at Camp Crystal Lake. Over the years many visitors have entered the camp and have gone missing. There have been rumors that Jason had returned to massacre anyone who entered his domain but there has been no confirmations of that. The only guarantee we do have is there is a Friday the 13th board game from The Op.

How to Play

This game is for 3 to 6 players and takes about one hour to finish. The point of the game is to survive five nights(rounds) against Jason Voorhees. Players start off by choosing who they want to play as. You can choose to be; The Jock, The Partier, The Nerd, The Diva, The Nice Guy, and of course The Final Girl.

Each player receives five fear cards. These cards help get more supply tokens. They also help Jason sabotage other players.

Players take turns reaching into a bag full of supply tokens without looking. You can decide whether to play a fear card or pull it from the bag. If you choose the bag, pull only one supply token out before passing the bag to the next player. These tokens display different items such as flashlights, cleavers, and gasoline. Each item can be used to make different combinations which will score you points at the end of the game.

Be careful though, because there are also red Jason tokens in the bag. If you pull two Jason tokens during the round, you are scared back to camp and your turn is over until the next round. You must also return all the supply tokens that you may have collected beforehand.

After five rounds of play, count up all your points and whoever has the most is the winner.


The game is essentially a game of chance, making for a fun and suspenseful gameplay. It can actually get pretty nerve-racking when reaching into the bag and hoping you don’t pull a Jason.

The design of the board making it look like the Camp Crystal Lake sign is a nice touch. There is also Jason’s mask on the bag which is fun to see.

The replay value is pretty high on this one. Being a game of chance, there are not many times when the game feels repetitive.


Sadly even though the game is fun, there isn’t much here for Friday the 13th fans. Besides the board looking like the Camp Crystal Lake sign, there are almost no other Friday the 13th references. It would have been cool if Jason was a playable character or even if you could face off against him. Instead, the Jason tokens just scare away the players.

The game could have been called something like “Escape the Camp” and had the same rules. If you are using a property like Friday The 13th, I expect to see more things from said property.

Another thing that is disappointing is even though it is fun that the playable characters are based on horror tropes, it doesn’t matter who you choose to play. All the characters do the same thing as one another. It would have been nice if each one had a different ability or perk.


Friday The 13th: Horror At Camp Crystal Lake is a pretty fun game of chance with plenty of replayability. Fans of the franchise who are looking for easter eggs and references are bound to be disappointed though. If you are just looking for a horror-themed game, this is definitely a good time.

Friday the 13th: Horror At Camp Crystal Lake is available now on Amazon (though expensive) and is backordered on Zatu Games

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