First Thor Love And Thunder Teaser Has Arrived!

Jane Foster wielding Mjolnir!

It feels like it’s been forever, right? At long last, after days of fans pleading for a crumb of information, clips, or information, the teaser for the new Thor movie is here. Thor Love and Thunder is the fourth movie in the Asgardian adventures of everyone’s favorite god of thunder! This time around, it seems like Thor’s on a quest to search for himself, not save everyone else.

Check out the teaser!

This marks a lot of firsts for a Thor movie, and the MCU on the whole:

  • The first character to get a 4th solo film
  • The first time a Thor movie has had a director who led one of his other movies (Taika Waititi.)
  • This will also introduce more god-like beings, possibly giving us Marvel’s take on Hercules, a popular hero in the comics as well!


The teaser features a lot of locations, from alien worlds to New Asgard on Earth. We also get a ton of returning Thor characters, like Korg adventuring with the last Odinson, and King Valkyrie.

Tessa Thompson in a suit? Yes, please!

More importantly, while tons of Ragnarok characters are returning, we also knew Jane Foster was returning, and here’s our first look!

How Jane came about the mangled mallet is still a mystery! One that will be surely solved come July 8th.

Curiously absent from the trailer is the villain of the piece, Gor the God Butcher. Played by Christian Bale, Gor is a powerfully dangerous foe, which depending on how the character is used, could have massive implications for the universe of the MCU.

With Doctor Strange coming next month, and this Thor movie coming in July, expect the press to be ramped up considerably. Thor Love and Thunder whacks theaters on July 8th, keep your peepers peeled here for more info as it comes!

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