Fandom News Roundup 6/19 – 6/25/21

Hi, Fandom Fans! Is it hot enough for you yet? This is our last roundup for June. So, we thought we should end it with the hottest news we can find. We’ve got aliens, robots, and monsters! Oh my! Grab a cool beverage and close the windows, because it’s time for the news.


A Jurassic Size Teaser

The studio behind Jurassic Park is hoping that fans are so desperate for a special preview, that they’re willing to go see F9 in IMAX. A teaser trailer for Jurassic World Dominion was released this week on YouTube. The 15-second trailer is trying to entice fans to see F9 in IMAX, to see an exclusive preview of the upcoming film. Not only are movie theaters banking on the success of Dom and the family, so is the dinosaur franchise. Jurassic World Dominion is scheduled to be released on June 10, 2022.

ScarJo Goes Horror?

See the source imageDisney is looking to keep a good thing going with the Black Widow star. Scarlett Johansson will be producing and starring in a film based on the popular Disneyworld park ride, Tower of Terror, based on the tv series The Twilight Zone. Another House of Mouse Alum, Josh Cooley, is writing the script for the film. Cooley directed Toy Story 4 and wrote the script for Inside Out. Will the movie keep to the PG frights that the ride has or bump up the scares for a true horror experience?

It’s Morphin’ Time!

No description available.It’s time to Morph your style so that it says, “teenagers with attitude.” Reebok is releasing a limited-edition sneaker collection inspired by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The collection will have your feet feeling like they are riding in comfortable zords. There are 6 designs in the collection- the Question Mid Megazord ($180), Club C Yellow Ranger ($100), Freestyle Hi Pink Ranger ($120), Club C Legacy Blue Ranger ($120), Nano X1 Black Ranger ($150), and Zig Kinetica II Red Ranger ($140). The shoes come in ranger sizes from kids to adults. The collab will release on June 29, 2021, at 10 AM EST on Reebok’s website and other sneaker retailers.

Joanne Linville Passed Away at 93

See the source imageFandom Actress Joanne Linville died this week. She was 93 years old. Many Trekkies will remember Linville for her role as the Romulan Commander from the classic TOS episode “The Enterprise Incident.” Linville also had starring roles on the Twilight Zone, Dynasty, Gunsmoke, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. We at Fandom Spotlite would like to extend our deepest sympathies to her family, friends, and fans during this difficult time.

Doctor Who Companion Jackie Lane Passed at 79

Jackie Lane, who is known to Whovians as First Doctor companion Dodo Chaplet, passed away at the age of 79. She had joined William Hartnell in the 3rd series of Doctor Who, but unfortunately, many of her adventures were among the episodes that have since been lost. Fans of Doctor Who have posted many kind wishes and tributes to the actress. Our deepest sympathies go to her family, friends and fans in this time of grief.

New Game Pits Players Against Xenomorphs!

May be an image of text that says 'ALIENS ㅏ FIRETEAMELITE FIRETEAM'Alien: Fireteam Elite will have you and a crew against an onslaught of Xenomorphs. The new game will launch on August 24th on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam! The last Alien game, Alien: Isolation was more about being stealthy and featured an A.I. system that learned your strategy the more you played. Fireteam Elite appears to be all about full-frontal attacks and brute force. The game is currently available for pre-order.

Say His Name

Covid has caused this film to be delayed, but nothing will stop this horror icon from having his sweet revenge. A new trailer for Nia DaCosta’s Candyman hit the net this week and it looks like a wicked time. This version of Candyman will have viewers wondering who’s the real bad guy, as the story deals with systemic racial oppression and what happens when we try to bury the truth. Candyman will hit theaters on August 27, 2021. If you can’t wait until August, you could say his name 5 times in a mirror.

Beast Mode Activate!

See the source imageThe next Transformers film has a new title, and with it comes new details. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will star “In the Heights,” actor Anthony Ramos. The film will be set in 1994 and will feature Predacons, Maximals, and Terrorcons. Looks like no Decepticons this time around.  Along with Ramos, Peter Cullen will reprise his role as Optimus Prime. Is the franchise taking a turn and going after the millennial dollar?

A Return to Smallville in the Works

How 'Smallville' Joined the Arrowverse in 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'Smallville star Tom Welling confirmed in a Cameo video that he’s working on developing an animated spinoff of the show with his former co-star, Michael Rosenbaum. The pair has previously joked about such a project during panels together, but this is the first either has spoken on it becoming a reality. Fans are thrilled, to say the least, taking to Twitter to celebrate. 

Supernatural Carries On At the CW

Another popular CW show seems to have more life in it- a Supernatural spinoff is in the works, produced by Jensen and Danneel Ackles via their production company. The series, titled “The Winchesters,” will follow young John and Mary Winchester in the years before John and the boys started hunting. There’s no confirmation yet on who will be playing the leads.

Ackles’ former co-star Jared Padalecki tweeted that he hadn’t heard anything about the series until it was announced on Twitter, something he was “gutted” about. He and Ackles later posted reconciliatory tweets, but it’s unlikely that Padalecki will be involved at this point. 

A Fantasy Brought to Life

See the source imageSquare Enix and French studio Cyber Group Studios are teaming up to develop an animated series based on Final Fantasy 9. FF9 takes place on the planet Gaia and the story follows a thief named Zidane Tribal, a member of a thief troupe who is tasked to kidnap the princess of Alexandria, Garnet Til Alexandros XVII. He teams up with her and a team of allies to stop Queen Brahne and her ally Kuja from waging a war with an army of black mages. Cyber Group will also be handling distribution, licensing, and merchandise.

Two Scaredy Dogs

Scooby and Courage are both known for being scaredy-cats… dogs… but when push comes to shove, they always get the job done. In a new crossover film, the pair of pups will have to take on paranormal cicadas. Can Scooby and Courage overcome their jitters and defeat the insect army before the whole world bugs out? Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog is set for release on September 14, 2021, heading directly to digital platforms and DVD.

AMC Developing a Show with Bite

AMC, which purchased the rights to 18 of Anne Rice’s books last year, has ordered a television series based on the first book of the Vampire Chronicles, Interview With The Vampire. AMC has given the series an eight-episode order which they hope to debut in 2022 on both AMC and AMC Plus. Rolin Jones will serve as writer, executive producer, and showrunner on the series, while Mark Johnson will executive produce along with Anne and Christopher Rice.

Dragon Con Returns With a Roar! 

May be a cartoon of 2 people, people on stage and text that says 'POLICE PURH BOX DRAGON CON'Big Cons are returning and we know you’re excited! One of those is Dragon Con. Dragon Con is the largest fan-run pop culture convention, focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film! Its 2021 return is already shaping up to be its best one yet.  They have already announced guests like Rob Paulsen (TMNT, Transformers), Jess Harnell (Crash Bandicoot, Animaniacs), Tress Macnielle (Animaniacs, Rugrats), and Maurice LaMarche (Futurama, Looney Tunes), just to name a few. The con is scheduled for September 2-6, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia. Dragon Con has big plans for 2021 so be sure to follow Fandom Spotlite on Facebook for more details!

Mirror on the Wall, Who is the new Fairest of Them All? 

In 2021's West Side Story, Rachel Zegler Will Deliver a Maria for the Moment | VogueDisney has no intentions of stopping with live-action adaptations of their classic animated films. Next up is the one that started them all, Snow White. Rachel Zegler (Shazam 2, West Side Story) will be playing the title role. Zegler is of Hispanic heritage, thus making our new Snow White a Latina. Marc Platt is producing the project. Academy Award-winning duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul are working on songs for the movie. Filming should begin in 2022.

Was that news hot enough for you? We could use another cold drink after reading all that news ourselves! What story was the hottest? Share with us in the comments and online via our socials. Remember to stay safe and we’ll see you next time for even more fandom news.

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