Fandom News Roundup 5/8 – 5/14/21

Hi Fandom Fans! Is it just us or does May seem like it’s dragging? Just like the month, the world of fandom this week has been a bit slow. Perhaps things will pick up as we get closer to Summer. Still, we have done our due diligence and have found some stories to share with you.  So, grab a snack, and let’s get to the news.

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Let There Be Carnage 

This week we got a good look at Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kassady aka Carnage. Fans have been waiting to see Carnage hit the big screen and the trailer gives us hope…for Carnage. It looks like the sequel to Venom is continuing with its theme of action and comedy. This is something audiences loved, but critics weren’t feeling it as much. Still, it’s audiences that make a film successful, so here come more scenes of Eddie Brock and Venom trading quips! Venom: Let There Be Carnage is scheduled to be released on September 24, 2021.

By The Power of Grayskull 

Kevin Smith shared on his Facebook some new images from his He-Man animated series, “Masters of the Universe: Revelations.” The post includes images of Prince Adam, He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Orko, and more. Smith also announced that the series will be in two parts. Part one of Revelations will have 5 episodes and will premiere on Netflix on July 23rd.

Gal Gadot Confirms Threats 

Gal Gadot Stirs Controversy After Message On Israel-Palestine ViolenceWe previously reported on rumors that director Joss Whedon had threatened Gal Gadot’s career during the filming of Justice League. The Wonder Woman actress confirmed in an interview that the rumors are true.  Gadot stated in an interview with Israeli outlet N12, “He kind of threatened my career and said if I did something, he would make my career miserable and I just took care of it on the spot.” Whedon has not responded to Gadot’s accusations at this time.

The Ninja Way Changed Larry Ogunjobi’s Life

Anime has the amazing ability to be relatable despite its often exaggerated and fantastical nature. Just ask myself and Rachel. We also work for Big Anime. It is that deep connection that often provides life-changing experiences. Larry Ogunjobi of the Cincinnati Bengals believes that the anime series Naruto changed his life. Ogunjobi shared in an interview with Crunchyroll that his training in high school and college was similar to Naruto’s.

“[…]Now I’m in college and with Naruto, the anime is going on throughout all of this for me (probably like the Pain arc or somewhere around that). It felt like we were going through our trials and tribulations together; it was actually really cool. Now I’m working hard, I’m grinding in college, and the only thing I could compare my process to was these storylines in anime — I knew I was special and that I was the main character of my story — and I ended up being the first player ever drafted to the NFL out of my college.”  Who is Ogunjobi’s favorite character? Naturally, it was Naruto. “[…]Have to stick with Naruto for all the reasons mentioned above. He’s so relatable to me. He was different from everybody. I remember my grandpa telling me I was special and that I was different.”

Returning to the Hidden Temple 

Millennials everywhere will remember the Nickelodeon game show “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” Kids would pair up and be given a colorful animal to represent. The show combined history, folklore, and mythology with mini-games and a large labyrinth at the end. The kids would receive 90s appropriate prizes like BK sneakers, Zenith TVs, Mongoose Bikes, and another trip to Universal. The totally rad show is returning but this time for adults. If you are 21 and older and have a willing buddy, you can audition to be on the show. Head over to their casting page to take on the hidden temple.

The Muppets Are Haunted 

Cue the light(ning)! Mayhem takes a chilling turn this fall with Muppets Haunted Mansion, an Original Special, coming to Disney+. The Halloween special will have the Muppets take on the story of the iconic Disney Park ride. This will be the Muppets’ first Halloween special and will include celebrity cameos and new music. How do our furry friends end up in the Haunted Mansion? Gonzo challenges his friends to spend a whole night inside the spooky home! You can bet there will be Muppet shenanigans and lots of Disney magic.

Star Wars Celebration Announces New Dates

Star Wars Celebration to be held in Anaheim 2022

Star Wars Celebration, the massive traveling convention for all things Star Wars, announced the dates for its next event this week. Star Wars Celebration 2022 will be held in Anaheim, CA, and will run from May 26-29th, 2022. While the event is still over a year away and the CDC has recently relaxed its safety guidelines, the SWC site FAQ currently states that the convention will be requiring attendees to receive temperature checks at the door, follow crowd flow markers, stay six feet from others, and wear an approved face mask that is not hidden by any helmets or costume masks. Some cosplayers aren’t thrilled about the last rule, while others are happy to not worry about packing their helmets.

Please bear in mind that Star Wars Celebration also stated that, “The guidelines in this document are based on information currently available regarding the behavior and characteristics of the COVID-19 virus, public health information and local or state guidelines with respect to large gatherings in any particular community. As more clarity with respect to these variables emerges, it is expected that these guidelines may need to be adjusted accordingly.” So we may yet experience an event like those in the Before Times.

That completes our news for today! Simple yet newsworthy. What story will you share with the family this weekend? Let us know in the comments and online. Don’t forget to stay safe and come see us again next week.

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