Fandom News Roundup – 2/28 – 3/6/2021

Hello Fandom Fans and welcome to March! Glimmers of Spring are all around us and with that is a lot of new growth… in the world of fandom. And while some see this time as a good opportunity to visit Disney, it’s an even better time to check out the news. So let’s jump in!

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Black Writer Fired from Superman & Lois Claims Toxic Environment

Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane: Arrowverse Crosover Preview Interview | TVLine

The reception of the CW’s Superman & Lois has been extremely positive. However, Nadria Tucker, a former writer on the series claims she was fired due to objecting to a work culture that encouraged racist and sexist tropes. She stated she had shared her frustration that the only black character on the show was depicted as the villain and was reportedly told by showrunner Todd Helbing, ‘We’ll see what we can do. We may have to ship them in because there are not a lot of Black people in Canada.” Tucker also shared concerns about some of the scenes between female characters and #Metoo jokes that were eventually cut from the script. She stated that the reception to her work from Helbing went from enthusiastic to suddenly being considered “not where he needed them to be for a writer” at her level. Warner Bros. TV, which produces the show, reportedly declined to comment. Superman and Lois has already been renewed for a second season.

New Star Trek Movie in Development?

New 'Star Trek' movie writer

It has been reported by Deadline that Kalinda Vazquez, who was named after the character Kelinda from an episode of the original Star Trek, is writing a script for a new Star Trek movie. Vazquez, who has written for Star Trek Discovery and was a co-executive producer on Fear the Walking Dead, has been set by Paramount Pictures to write this movie. Bad Robot, JJ Abrams’ production company, is producing. This is the third attempt to revive the Star Trek movie series so let’s hope that the third time is a charm.

San Diego Comic-Con Going Virtual Once Again

While many of us are missing comic and other types of conventions, the pandemic continues to be of great concern. While hope is on the horizon, San Diego Comic-Con released a statement saying that July would still be too early to hold an in-person event of the magnitude of Comic-Con. Therefore, they will once again be held virtually on July 23rd-25th, 2021. They are however planning to present a three-day in-person convention in San Diego this November.

Weaver Gives Update on Galaxy Quest Series

Is it just me or was Sigourney Weaver at her hottest in Galaxy Quest? - Imgur

In a new interview with Collider, actress Sigourney Weaver stated that work is currently underway to revive Galaxy Quest as a television series. The previous attempt to turn the sci-fi comedy into a series was put into mothballs after the unexpected passing of Alan Rickman. Weaver said that writer Bob Gordon and producer Mark Johnson have revived their efforts to develop a series. When we might see a return of the NSEA Protector is unknown at this time.

Amazon Studios Bringing Hellsing to Life

Hellsing movie adaptation coming from Amazon Studios and John Wick writer | GamesRadar+ has reported that Derek Kolstad of John Wick is working with Amazon Studios to adapt the horror manga Hellsing into a live-action feature film. Kolstad assures fans that he has incredible love for the manga and has been a fan for years. Mike Callaghan, one of the producers of the film, also assured fans that he takes Hellsing seriously and that Amazon Studios has the means necessary to do justice to the characters. No further information is available, but a lot of people are very eager to learn more.

Netflix’s Thunder Force Trailer Released

The official trailer for Thunder Force, an upcoming action-comedy film that looks to showcase some less-than-typical superheroes, has been released. The movie, starring Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, shows two estranged childhood friends reuniting and acquiring powers to protect their city. Check out the trailer and get ready for a much different tone than most of DC or Marvel’s offerings.

Melissa McCarthy Spotted Playing Hela

Speaking of Melissa McCarthy, she was recently spotted on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder wearing a Hela costume. She was reportedly in the company of her husband, Ben Falcone, Matt Damon dressed as Loki, and Luke Hemsworth dressed as Thor. Damon and Hemsworth appeared in Thor: Ragnarok as actors reenacting Loki’s “death” in Thor: The Dark World. What these folks are reenacting is unknown, but there’s plenty of speculation.

The Walking Dead Issues Spoiler Warning for Sunday’s Episode

Walking Dead's 10C Season Premiere Debuting a Week Early on AMC+

In the past, AMC has been pretty casual in regards to spoilers for episodes of The Walking Dead, often posting headlines that spoiled major plot points just hours after the show aired. But, with AMC+ giving subscribers the ability to see the episode early, they are urging fans to not spoil this episode for non-subscribers. They didn’t issue any such message regarding the first episode of Season 10C, which AMC+ subscribers were able to watch a full week before it aired on cable. Regarding the upcoming episode, showrunner Angela Kang stated that Daryl and a woman he encounters have a complex situation and she would like people to see how it unfolds. It also contains Dog’s origin story. Oops, spoiler?

Duffer Brothers and Spielberg Adapting King’s ‘The Talisman’ For TV

The Talisman: New Stephen King Movie Hires Handmaid's Tale Director | Den of Geek

If you’ve watched Stranger Things at all, it’s pretty obvious that the Duffer Brothers are fans of Stephen King. Now it is reported they are teaming up with Steven Spielberg to executive produce a Netflix adaptation of King’s 1984 novel, The Talisman, which was co-written with Peter Straub. This project is a long time coming for Spielberg, who acquired the rights to The Talisman in 1982 before it was even published. As the book takes place between the “real” world and an alternate dimension, producing it back in the eighties would have been problematic. This epic series is a co-production between Amblin TV and the Duffers’ Monkey Massacre Productions. Stephen King is also an executive producer, along with Paramount Television.

‘Chucky’ TV Series Cast Revealed

Chucky TV series scares up new trailer The Outerhaven

The USA Network and Syfy series ‘Chucky’ is about to begin shooting. Reportedly, Devon Sawa (Final Destination) has booked a major role in the series. It has also been reported that Zackary Arthur (Transparent), Teo Briones (Ratched), Bjorgvin Arnarson (PEN15), and Alyvia Alyn Lind (The Young and the Restless) will play the four young leads. Reports from last year did indicate that Brad Dourif would reprise his role as the voice of Chucky and Jennifer Tilly would also be involved. Sorry, Mark Hamill. But we still love your Joker.

And that’s our roundup! 2021 is certainly shaping up to full of Fandom stories. We will see you next week with the triumphant (and hopefully well rested) return of our regular writer. Until then, have fun and follow your fandom.

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