Child of the Watch – The Mandalorian Chapter 11 Review

Spoilers Ahead!!

This one is for the nerds! As I had stated in my first review for this season, I have only ever watched the live-action Star Wars movies. Never have I found myself watching any of the animated series. That has changed as this episode brings a character that was in both Rebels and The Clone Wars. This had the internet buzzing! I now have an interest in watching these past animated shows.


We open with the Razor Crest limping across the galaxy with our crew of 3 inside, carrying the fate of an entire race. They are all sleeping as they approach Trask. After a harrowing manual re-entry and an interesting “landing”, they have finally made it. Trask looks dark and cold. Frog Lady deboards and looks around for you know who. Her husband, Frog Man. They finally reunite and the man follows through on his promise, pointing the Mandalorian in the direction of people who may have seen his kind.

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At the Inn, the Child is hungry as usual, and the “tables are hard to come by,” says the Mon Calamari waiter. However, they get a table and more information on the other Mandalorians- “Others with Beskar have been through here.” There is also a cute scene with the Child struggling to eat his soup. The Quarren “fisherman” offers to take Mando to where the others are located but for a price. The deal is made, and they all go together to a ship.

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While on the boat, something seems off to our hero. There is an air of tension and suspense. Our suspicion is right, as a trap is set to have the Child thrown into the water, where a beast then eats him (inside his carrier)! Papa Mando tries to rescue the Child, but he is overpowered by the several Quarren on board and dumped in. Then out of nowhere, three Mandalorians fly down and take the assailants out in an instant. They help our hero out of the water and jump right in and retrieve The Child.

When all is settled and all are safe, our new friends reveal themselves. Literally. As they each remove their helmets, we see their faces. One face is fan-favorite, Bo-Katan, played by Katee Sackoff who also voiced the animated versions of the character. She tells our Mando her story of being an Heiress and a 3rd generation Mandalorian.  She informs our hero that he is in fact a Child of the Watch and her ways are different than his. Not by much though.

They offer help in the mission to return The Child to the Jedi, but again for a price. They want help with their own mission first. They want to rob an Imperial freighter of all its weapons and they want our hero to help. He agrees as he always does.  He chooses to drop off the Child at the babysitter’s house. Those sitters were none other than Frog Lady and Frog Man. The Child is delighted, and he will be safe as The Mandalorian sets out on a dangerous mission. But will the eggs be safe? 

The robbery really goes off without a hitch. The poor Stormtroopers get blasted away and the Mandalorians get what they came for. Or do they? Plans change and soon they are taking over the ship. More action goes down and our big bad Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) once again reveals himself and Bo-Katan reveals what she really wants- the Darksaber. They take the ship but what she wants is not in there, so her mission is not over. She offers our hero a chance to join in. He declines and leaves with the knowledge she gave him.  He is to go and meet with Ahsoka Tano.

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He returns for the Child who is happily petting the firstborn of the Frog people. So that was the happy ending the internet might need after trying to cancel the Child last week. Their time on Trask is through and they return to a somewhat repaired Razor Crest and take off for their next adventure, to meet with the Padawan learner to the one and only Anakin Skywalker.


I was not completely lost when Bo-Katan revealed herself and spoke of others. It excited me. I knew that I would be able to find more about these stories after the episode was over and that gave me more excitement. That is what you want from a show. Intrigue. You want to know more about every character you encounter. This episode did exactly that. The direction of this episode was amazing thanks to Bryce Dallas Howard.

The visuals of Trask made you feel cold and wet., like you were there. The action again was kick-ass and on point. Well filmed and choreographed. The costume designs and the ship’s designs all very eye-catching.  There was even a wink to another famous Star Wars vehicle.

I have to say though. I miss The Child using the Force. He has not shown his powers at all this season and it makes me a little sad and curious as to why he has not yet.  Yes, the surprise of it last season made it cooler. I just want to see him helping again.

Other than that, I have no complaints. Even though this was the shortest episode of the season, it’s still entertaining. It was well directed and had an excellent script. All actors involved thriving on equal talent, with thrilling visuals and fast-paced action. Plenty of dead Stormtroopers is always a good thing. The storyline carries on leaving me still wanting more and more. Cannot wait until next week. To see the Jedi once again makes me very happy.

5 out of 5 stars for Chapter 11 The Heiress

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