By The Power of Greyskull, We’re Getting ANOTHER He-Man

Prince Adam definitely yelling, "By the power of greyskull," and lightening is coming out his body
Have you been suffering from a fever? A fever that has a specific cure? No, we don’t mean cowbell. That’s a different fever.  We are talking about the unquenchable desire for more He-Man content! Don’t all raise your hands at once.  It would appear that Hollywood can not get enough of Prince Adam and his superpowered friends.  In 2021, Netflix premiered two different He-Man animated series, one by famed nerd Kevin Smith.

Netflix will again be debuting a new He-Man project but this one will be live-action. And, you know what that means? A Lot of Spanx and baby oil. The powerhouse streaming site recently announced the actor who has been crowned as Prince Adam.

Kyle Allen at the world debut of the path on Hulu
Actor Kyle Allen will be taking over for To All the Boys’ Noah Centineo for the role of He-Man/Prince Adam. Allen recently starred in the remake of West Side Story.  The younger actor also had notable roles in American Horror Story, The Path, and the upcoming film–The In Between.

Netflix also confirmed several key staff roles. The Nee Brothers (The Lost CityBand of Robbers) will co-direct the movie,  David Callaham (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten RingsWonder Woman 1984) wrote the screenplay for the film.  Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, and Steve Tisch are all working as producers for Masters of the Universe.

While this information is helpful, what we want to know is…WHO IS PLAYING ORKO?

No additional information about the film has been provided but we will do our due diligence to provide updates.

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