BOWSETTE Costume Review and Build!

Bowsette is a fan created character that cosplayers love to portray! In this video, Peypocalypse will review the costume and wig, plus show you her shell build and crown, from, and the final touch with’s cosplay lenses.

This video is both a review and a cosplay build for those who want to cosplay Bowsette. Peypocalypse reviews the full costume from, which includes the dress, choker, arm and wrist bands, plus the gem. She also reviews the Bowsette wig from For the crown, she reviews the crown, which she painted and added clips. She also used Cosplay Clay from to form Bowsette’s horns and in the creation of her shell. She gives you a quick tutorial on how she made the shell as well. Finally, since Bowsette’s eyes are blue, she uses blue contacts from to complete the look.

You can visit through this link: – And check out their frequent sales!

Visit Cosplay Crafts at at (you guessed it)

Thanks to all these companies for providing the elements to put together this awesome Bowsette cosplay!

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Peyton is an experianced model and cosplayer. She specializes in foam smithing and rigging things together on a tight budget. She's been video editing for 10 years and aspires to work on music videos and documentaries. The loves of her life are her pet rats who she's considered making young cosplayers.

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