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Today’s Fandom Funding is Alter Nation Action Figures

Alter Nation follows the exciting adventures of GK Delta, an elite unit of half-animal, half-human soldiers created by the military of the future. These soldiers go on missions filled with danger as they uncover the top-secret Generation Kymera conspiracy while investigating urban legends and more!

Since the debut of six action figures in its first wave, Phase One, back in 2019 and it was also picked up by Dark Horse Comics for a Graphic Novel.  Now Panda Mony Toys is back with Phase Two of the campaign which includes figures Alpha and Bomber. Each figure showcases a special power inspired by real animals’ abilities.

Alpha has the striping and venom of a coral snake, the eight limbs of an octopus, and is part vampire bat of course. His figure’s design features incorporate bat wings that help him to stand up or can be moved around. A switch in the back of his head activates his menacing snake jaw. Additionally, the coral snake stripes on his back are color-change by temperature and go from red to blue.

Bomber is a very intimidating part-scorpion part-bombardier beetle. The tail on his figure can catapult a tiny, jelly-filled splat ball that is still in the design phase. He will also include a  flamethrower!

Panda Mony has stretch goals for their campaign which means even more cool stuff for those that contribute. You have the option to back this campaign without receiving any perks. Starting at a $1 donation you’ll have your name added to a memorial within the website along with your Hall of Heroes Rank within the Alter Nation Altered Reality Game, GKDelta.Navy.

Donate $5 or more and you’ll receive a digital copy of The Lost December which was not offered to Fan Club subscribers.  It covers Sham’s secret files covering the missing month of December 2049. $24 or more and you get a Bomber action figure. A donation of $29 or more will also include the Alpha action figure. If you want to get the best of both figures, a donation of $54 will bring both Alpha and Bomber to your own home!

Feeling generous? A donation of $106 or more gives you double the figures. To collect Alpha, Bomber, and all of the fierce figurines featured in Phase One of the campaign you can donate $188 or more. What does the highest tier of the campaign bring? $376 or more will get you double of the fun of all of Phase One and Phase Two figures!

Make sure to check Kickstarter page to learn more about the amazing heroes of Alter Nation and all the goodies the campaign has to offer.

Panda Mony’s mission is to inspire kids and creators to go outside of the box when it comes to toys. The company has plenty of more action figures, fashion dolls, construction toys, collectibles, and toddler toy brands to bring to new audiences.

We hope you fandom fans will consider donating to this worthy Kickstarter Campaign and help bring the second phase of Alter Nation Action Figures to life.

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