A Thrilling Evening at Fever’s Haunted Tavern Cocktail Pop-Up

Fever is a company known for putting together one-of-a-kind event experiences for its audiences around the globe. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I am always looking forward to events to attend during this time of the year. Fever has just the event for the spooky season with their recent Haunted Tavern Cocktail Pop-Up.

The event was held at the Detroit Circle Center, located in Hamtramck. This one-of-a-kind event space was a very fitting venue for the experience. The decorations that adorned the walls, tables surrounding the chairs, and the stage’s hauntingly eerie décor really helped to set the ambiance for the evening as guests strolled into the venue. With ambient tunes, the right lighting, and the intimate seating setup I was excited for what the evening held in store. The attendees wore everything from cocktail dresses to Halloween-themed clothing to get into the spooky spirit and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing people getting glammed up Halloween-style for this event.

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The event’s bartenders and storytellers were captivating and friendly throughout the evening’s experience. Each storyteller had the audience immersed into the bone-chilling narrative of each story and even provided a few jump scares (which got me and many others). I really enjoyed how the stories were a mixture of folklore and urban legends based within the Detroit area which gave the experience a special local touch. I got to learn about some local legends that I, a longtime Michigander, had never heard of myself.

Each performer had their own unique way of telling each tale and it reminded me of swapping scary stories around the campfire which added to the immersive elements of the event. Within the audience, you could see smiles, hear a couple of chuckles, or see people getting a bit spooked by some of the horror elements. Everyone including myself was thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Each ticket includes 4 signature cocktails for the event which included: Conchita’s Revenge, Humiliated & Hammered, Headless Squeeze, and Martini Jealousy. Conchita’s Revenge was the shot that started off the evening, followed by three cocktail concoctions. Each cocktail accompanied a new story which gave guests the chance to sip their spooky spirits while listening to the tale. My favorite drink of the evening was the Headless Squeeze which was a tropical-tasting drink with its own special fog. The drink had a tasty blend of pineapple juice, orange juice, and coconut rum! I liked that there was a variety of cocktails to try and how the added small horror elements matched with the evening’s theme.

There is no food available for this event so I would advise you to eat something beforehand or plan to grab a bite to eat afterward. I would have loved for the event to include some spooky-themed appetizers to snack on but for the $55 ticket price I felt that all the included drinks were a great deal as even one cocktail at a restaurant or bar can run you about $20 per drink (especially if the cocktail is of the specialty variety or is seasonal themed).

If this event finds its way to your city, we highly recommend you attend! It’s perfect for a fun night out, a group event, or if you’re looking for a local haunting experience.

Head to Fever’s website and select your city to see what original events are heading your way!

*I was invited to this event by Fever and all opinions are my own.


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