5 Underrated Christmas Movies

Christmas is just around the corner. Presents are being wrapped. Cookies are being baked. The family is ready to come over. There is still some time though to watch more Christmas movies. By this time though, you have probably watched Home Alone and A Christmas Story over one hundred times. Maybe you are looking for other holiday movies that you may not have seen before. Here are 5 underrated Christmas movies.

Just Friends

Chris Brander is an overweight high school student who is in love with his best friend Jamie even though he is in the friend zone. After being embarrassed at a party, Chris vows to become a winner. 10 years later, Chris is in the best shape of his life, works in Hollywood, and gets just about everything he wants in life. After being forced to come home for Christmas, Chris runs into his old friend Jamie. Possibly this time, there is a chance to become more than friends.

This movie has become yearly viewing for me during the holiday season. The story is not really fully centered on Christmas, but it has Christmas parties, caroling, and a snowy setting so it still counts. The movie stars a pre-Deadpool Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, and Anna Faris.

The movie works so well because of its characters and the script. The movie is very funny throughout with a lot of the comedy coming from Reynolds and Faris. It’s a fun romantic comedy with a Christmas setting that will definitely get you ready for the holidays.

Scrooge (1970)

We all know the story of A Christmas Carol. There have been many iterations of the Charles Dickens novel throughout the years. Mostly I hear people talk about The Muppet Christmas Carol as well as the 1984 version starring George C. Scott. These are great versions but the 1970 musical version definitely deserves some more recognition.

Albert Finney plays a great Scrooge. He is downright mean as he should be in the story but this version also has a silly side to him. He is open to seeing the errors of his ways more than other versions of the character. I like this because it makes Scrooge seem more human. All the ghosts who visit Scrooge give great performances The set design looks amazing and most of the songs are very good. Shout out to the song”Thank You Very Much” which is sure to be stuck in anyone’s head after listening.


A teacher at a new school is tasked with putting on a Nativity musical. The problem is that the kids don’t have the best talent and the teacher’s assistant is certifiably insane. When it is announced that a famous Hollywood producer is coming to film the play, the new teacher and kids do all they can to put on the best play anyone has ever seen.

I saw this movie on a whim during the holiday season a couple of years ago and it was just delightful. The movie takes place in England and stars Martin Freeman who is famous for The Hobbit franchise, Sherlock, and Black Panther. It is a great family film centered around Christmas and it really has a lot of heart. Marc Wootton plays Mr. Poppy, the teacher’s assistant and he is the standout with his many jokes. The nativity musical towards the end is really well done and put together.

It is similar to Pitch Perfect in a way if that movie starred children and Bilbo Baggins. There are even a few sequels. One includes Doctor Who himself, David Tennant. It is worth watching with the family during the holidays.

Unaccompanied Minors

On Christmas Eve, a blizzard shuts down all flights. Five standard youths decide to have the time of their lives in the airport while dodging security every step of the way.

This is a cute little movie that I feel not many people have seen. The plot is a lot of fun as I never realized how much fun could be had at an airport if you didn’t have to follow the rules. The cast is really good as well and consists of many actors from comedy hits such as The Office, Parks and Rec, and Kids in the Hall.

There are some corny jokes here and there but it is still a very fun time throughout. Lewis Black plays the manager of the airport and he is pretty comedic as he tries to capture these kids and stop them from wrecking everything. The movie also has a pretty good Christmas soundtrack featuring songs from OK Go and Simple Plan.

The Family Man

Jack Campbell thinks he has everything that he could ever want. A great job on Wall Street, a lot of money, and a great New York City apartment. The only thing that crosses his mind at times is Kate, the old college sweetheart that he let go. Jack wakes up on Christmas morning in New Jersey in an alternate universe where he chose Kate and has a completely different life. Starting to appreciate what he once had, Jack must find out how he can keep this alternate timeline from ending.

Nicolas Cage stars as Jack in a more subdued performance. He still has some of his usual mannerisms but they aren’t over the top here. This is a very nice romantic feel-good movie that seems to have been forgotten when it comes to Nicolas Cage movies. Don Cheadle plays a sort of guardian angel helping Jack throughout his journey. It is similar to It’s A Wonderful Life and has great performances throughout.

What are some Christmas movies you find to be underrated? Let me know in the comments.

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