12 Virgo Anime Characters

Some students and teachers have already returned to school, while others are clinging to their final days of summer. But regardless of the scholastic calendar, one thing is for certain about the period of time between August 23 and September 22: it’s Virgo season.

As an Earth sign, Virgos are one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac. They are hardworking perfectionists, so you can always trust them to not only get the job done, but to get it done right. At the same time, however, they prefer to approach things practically and don’t stray too far from what they know. Virgos tend to be very opinionated, but most of them are quiet about it and keep their thoughts to themselves; some of the less pleasant Virgos, though, have a holier-than-thou attitude (which is frustratingly warranted because most of the time, they actually do know better than you). Here are 12 Virgo anime characters!

Doppo Kunikida (Bungou Stray Dogs) – August 30

We’re starting off strong with a quintessential Virgo. Kunikida understands the importance of the work they do at the Armed Detective Agency, and strives to complete every task and mission as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, not all of his colleagues operate with the same careful precision, which frustrates him to no end.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru (Danganronpa) – August 31

One could say that Ishimaru takes following the rules too seriously. He’s such a stickler for law and order, in fact, that he earned the title Ultimate Moral Compass and enrolled in a prestigious school for particularly talented students, with his talent being his ability to enforce justice. Unlike the silently opinionated Virgos, Ishimaru is VERY vocal about his beliefs and will loudly admonish anyone who is behaving contrary to what he thinks is right. His intense brand of perfectionism makes him one of the more extreme members of his zodiac sign.

Daiki Aomine (Kuroko’s Basketball) – August 31

Even though Virgos are known for being hardworking, Aomine is rather lazy. He is such an innately talented basketball player that he refuses to practice for matches, knowing that he will beat any opponent he faces even if he doesn’t exert any extra effort. However, underneath his flippant attitude, he would never give up on the sport he’s so good at. After all, Virgos value perfection, and he knows that as long as he’s playing basketball, he can never lose or make a mistake (or so he thinks, at least).

Hitoka Yachi (Haikyuu!!) – September 4

Yachi may be easily flustered and a bit clumsy, but she learns from her mistakes and always does everything she can to be as helpful as possible. She works hard to ensure that the Karasuno Volleyball Team will be in good hands when their current manager, Kiyoko, graduates.

Hange Zoë (Attack On Titan) – September 5

Hange is far too eccentric to be considered a practical person. However, while their fascination with studying Titans may seem bizarre and obsessive, in reality it makes a lot of sense to want to scientifically understand the monsters that are driving humanity to the brink of extinction because such knowledge would certainly aid in their eradication. Just because we don’t understand what’s going on in someone’s mind doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

Zakuro Fujiwara (Tokyo Mew Mew) – September 6

Despite being a famous model, Zakuro has always been a lone wolf. Teamwork has never been her brand, which makes things difficult when she is recruited into a group of magical girls tasked with protecting the planet together. When Zakuro first receives her superpowers, in typical Virgo fashion she sticks to what she knows and fights monsters by herself. But when it becomes clear that saving the world is more than a one-woman job, she lets her walls come down a bit so that she can get the job done.

Isabella (The Promised Neverland) – September 9 (SPOILER WARNING!)

It’s not easy living in a world where humans have only two options: be raised like cattle and unwittingly get eaten by demon overlords, or help raise the children that will eventually be fed to said demons. A survivalist, Isabella chose the latter. As soon as she realized the cruel reality of the world, she worked hard to make it to the top in the only that was available to her.

Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon) – September 10

Ami is a shy, extremely intelligent bookworm who struggles with making friends. However, when she becomes a Sailor Guardian, she immediately proves to be a valuable asset to the team. She is the reliable brains of the operation who can always predict the enemy’s next move.

Sousuke Yamazaki (Free!) – September 14

Sousuke’s stoic exterior makes him seem unapproachable, and that’s exactly how he likes it: he has the friends he has, and he isn’t eager to make more. He is particularly overprotective of his best friend Rin, which can be off-putting for Rin’s other friends. Still, Sousuke isn’t a bad person, and he works hard as a member of the Samezuka Swim Team. In fact, he pushes himself so far that he ends up getting hurt, but he hides the injury to avoid making other people worry about him.

Hiromi Higa (SK8 The Infinity) – September 14

You may be asking, how can someone who dresses like a heavy metal clown possibly be such a practical and down-to-earth sign? Well, “Shadow” is actually just the persona Hiromi adapts while competing in extreme skateboarding; he is a character that he plays to let loose. When he isn’t skateboarding, however, Shadow is actually a kind and responsible person who works at a flower shop and somehow always ends up babysitting teenagers.

Kazutora Hanemiya (Tokyo Revengers) – September 16

When an attempt to get his friend Mikey the perfect gift went horribly wrong, Kazutora committed a violent crime that landed him in juvie. Instead of repenting for his actions, however, he denied all responsibility and convinced himself that the incident was someone else’s fault. This delusional mentality was likely a trauma response, but the Virgo urge to do everything perfectly probably had some influence too; after all, such a drastic mistake is FAR from perfection.

Ruby Kurosawa (Love Live! Sunshine!!) – September 21

You would think that someone as timid as Ruby would have a hard time making it as a School Idol, which requires performing onstage in front of countless people. However, she and her beloved older sister Dia have loved School Idols since they were kids, and so she is determined to stand under the same spotlight as the performers that brought her and Dia so much joy despite living in a strict family.

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