12 Gemini Anime Characters

I normally post these listicles on the first day of the zodiac cycle, but since we have finally made it to my star sign—Gemini—I’ve postponed it by a few days so I can share this right on my birthday!

Out of the 12 zodiacs, Geminis have one of the worst reputations. Our dual nature suggests that we are two-faced and insincere. But I promise we’re not all that bad! Geminis, who are born between May 21 and June 21, are witty and clever and tend to be super talkative. Some people might find this chattiness obnoxious, but it can also be very entertaining, especially since we are often known for our great sense of humor. We are curious by nature, which can admittedly make us a bit nosy and even impulsive, but a Gemini is certainly never boring! Here are 12 anime characters that share a zodiac sign with me.

Sangaku Manami (Yowamushi Pedal) – May 29

Gemini is an air sign, so Manami’s moniker of “Sky Prince” is perfect for him. He earned this nickname because people say it looks like he sprouts wings when he bikes up mountainsides, but his head is in the clouds even more so when he’s not on his bike. Manami is a total airhead, which often drives his teammates crazy. Us Geminis do tend to have that effect on people…

Yuga Aoyama (My Hero Academia) – May 30

Aoyama is certainly not a fan-favorite character in this popular anime. His permanent smile and flamboyant personality can be a bit off-putting. Personally, I think he’s kind of funny, especially with the way he often breaks the fourth wall by staring at the audience. Besides, his sparkling confidence is actually just a façade, and in reality he feels rather lonely. Later in the manga, we learn something about Aoyama that makes him being a Gemini make INSANELY perfect sense… But I won’t spoil anything. Hopefully that development will be animated in season 7.

Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) – June 1

Now that the Swordsmith Village Arc is being animated, we get to see a lot more of the Love Hashira in all her Gemini Glory. People become demon slayers for many reasons: to avenge their families, to prove their strength, to eradicate bloodthirsty demons… Or, in Mitsuri’s case, to find a husband. Geminis always defy expectations, after all. She is simultaneously bashful and outspoken, as well as loveable and powerful. Some say that the dual nature of a Gemini makes them two-faced, but you could alternatively argue that it makes them multi-faceted, and Mitsuri is proof of that dichotomy.

Trish Una (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) – June 8

Geminis have the unfortunate tendency of rubbing people the wrong way, and Trish does just that when her snobbish tastes give a bad first impression to the gang tasked with protecting her. However, we also have a knack for winning people over, and it doesn’t take long for Trish to become an essential member of the group who learns to pull her own weight. She also controls one of the only fully sentient Stands (basically a superpowered imaginary friend, for those of you who are unfamiliar with JoJo’s), which goes to show how easy Geminis are to get along with if you give us a chance.

Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin (Ouran High School Host Club) – June 9

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one set of actual twins. Although these two are physically identical and mentally in sync and have made a whole game out of making people guess who’s who, they actually have their own distinctive personalities when separate from each other. In fact, they practically become opposites: Kaoru is mature and kind, while Hikaru is childish and rash. One could argue that they represent the Good Twin/Bad Twin duality. Put them together, though, and they just become the types of teasing troublemakers that will either anger people or make them laugh. The “forbidden brotherly love” act that they have going on at the Host Club tends to turn people away from this anime, but let’s not focus on that.

Hideyoshi Nagachika (Tokyo Ghoul) – June 10

Hide is a rare ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark world ridden with man-eating ghouls, and his optimism and loyalty make him an invaluable best friend to the series’ protagonist, Kaneki. Perhaps the most Gemini-like thing about him, however, is that he is very observant about people. This attentive nature allows him to help professional detectives with their cases. He is a perfect example of someone who doesn’t deserve the bad rap surrounding Geminis.

Koushi Sugawara (Haikyuu!!) – June 13

The fandom sees Suga as the Team Mom for the Karasuno volleyball team, but he’s not your typical nurturing Mom Friend: Suga has a mischievous streak. Even though he doesn’t tolerate any nonsense from his underclassmen, he tends to get a little worked up while supporting them. For the most part, however, he is calm, intelligent, and observant, as well as indispensable in his role as Vice-Captain. He is like a breath of fresh air for his teammates.

Shuumei Sasaki (Sasaki and Miyano) – June 17

Despite being an open and friendly person, Sasaki is hard to read overall. On the one hand, he is cheerful and carefree; but on the other hand, he is also impulsive and overprotective at times. He can be caring and compassionate yet also apathetic. Fortunately, his best sides are brought out much more often when he develops a crush on this series’ other titular character. He is genuinely curious about other people’s interests (especially Miyano’s) and is always willing to try new things.

Ryouta Kise (Kuroko’s Basketball) – June 18

Kise can be a bit of a drama king. He is attractive, friendly, and athletically talented, and doesn’t try particularly hard to be humble. This makes people both love him and hate him. For the viewers, he often serves as comic relief, but he tends to irritate his on-screen teammates, particularly his team captain. He is the type of Gemini that is almost undeniably obnoxious, but entertaining at the same time.

Osamu Dazai (Bungou Stray Dogs) – June 19

They say that curiosity kills the cat, and Dazai is a quintessentially curious Gemini… Except he’s looking to be killed. Known as a “suicide maniac,” Dazai seeks the most unique ways to take his life, which is shown in an amusing and comedic manner but is actually a very dark and disturbing concept. That’s just how Dazai is: goofy, yet troubling. His flippant approach towards his life is simultaneously entertaining and depressing; however, he rarely lets his inner darkness show, and mostly just annoys and inconveniences those around him. Nonetheless, he is a surprisingly intelligent strategist and mentor, and not someone you would want as an enemy.

Masaomi Kida (Durarara!!) – June 19

Kida has all the surface-level traits one would expect from a Gemini: he is a loud, charismatic flirt with a knack for telling bad jokes. But remember, Geminis are more than just funny and mildly irritating. Kida is also deeply involved in a violent color gang and possesses the ability to intimidate allies and enemies alike. While he may seem carefree, he cares deeply and intensely for his friends.

So, what do you think? Is Gemini truly the worst zodiac sign? Let me know in the comments… or maybe don’t. I’m a bit sensitive. 

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